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Video Game / Electronic Super Joy

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You lost an arm
in the Disco Wars of 1515.
You lost an eye
in the War of Rock ‘n Roll.
You lost both legs
defeating DJ Deadly Skillz.
And you lost your ENTIRE butt
to an Evil Wizard.
This is the story of your Quest… to get revenge for your butt!

Yeah, this is the ridiculous yet awesome premise of Electronic Super Joy, a 2D platformer created by Michael Todd.Playing as a monochromatic wanderer, you traverse levels full of homing rockets, killer animals and lasers to get revenge for your butt! Much like Super Meat Boy, from which this game is probably inspired, you don't have that many special abilities and die in a single hit. Unlike Meat Boy, however, there are checkpoints, so the overall difficulty is a bit lower. That doesn't really say much though.

It's also notable for its VERY catchy soundtrack, fabulous flashing technicolor backgrounds and abundance of bad puns.

You can buy it from the official site. It's also been released on Steam. A bonus pack has been released on December 18; it includes a set of three Christmas-themed levels and a new bonus boss for the last world, along with an update for Infinite Love Mode. It's pretty cheap, so go and get ready to fight the tyrannical Groove Wizard!


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