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Which ones are Dude Cops?

Dude Cops is an extremely short freeware Adventure Game, developed by Osgoode Media in RPG Maker and released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows PCs and Android.

Dude Cops follows the shenanigans of detectives named Choco and H.T. Bunz. They roam their picturesque little town solving "cases."

An example of one of their "cases" is to try to rescue a little kitty from a tree.

What kind of detectives have cases like this? Why does it take 2 detectives to "solve" that case? These are the real mysteries.


Dude Cops contains examples of:

  • Antepiece: In Dude Cops, the player guides Choco and H.T. Bunz through the challenging adventure of talking to a zombie about cottage cheese. This helps the gang with their later adventure of giving cottage cheese to another zombie. It's a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Art Shift: The game uses default RPGMaker VX Ace map tiles and chibi sprites, yet all the portraits shown during the conversations are its own blocky drawings like those in the page image, which often look nothing like the sprite. For instance, a perfectly healthy young woman behind a cheese shop counter suddenly has the portrait of a grey-skinned male zombie once you actually enter the conversation.
  • Black Bead Eyes: All of the characters' portraits have black squares in place of eyes. This is in spite of their models clearly possessing normal eyes.
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  • Cat Up a Tree: The first "case" you need to solve.
  • Fixed Camera: The camera in Dude Cops doesn't move no matter how much you want it to, like many things in life.
  • Freeware Games: Dude Cops is free, but that's just the money. The time you waste is time you'll never get back.
  • Graphics-Induced Super-Deformed: The characters in Dude Cops have big heads, but that might not be because of the low pixel count. Maybe they're really smart.
  • Head Swap: Many characters in Dude Cops have the same body and different heads, but that might be because they all workout a lot.
  • Loading Screen: There is a loading screen in Dude Cops. It's a welcome break from the actual game.
  • Multi-Platform: Dude Cops is for Android and Microsoft Windows. There are also multiple instances of platform shoes, but that doesn't count.
  • Scripted Event: The events in Dude Cops are fine-tuned, so everything happens exactly the right way to bore you to tears.
  • Top-Down View: Dude Cops is considered "top-down" view, but you can see their faces.

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