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drowning, drowning is an RPG Maker game made by NomnomNami.

While at the beach, the human girl Maia encounters a playful nymph named Amphithoe, who invites Maia to play with her in the water. Despite the risk of drowning, Maia dives into the sea, and Am leads her to an underwater city full of friendly sea creatures. Will Maia be able to become friends with the nymphs, or will she continue her lonely existence on land?

The game can be downloaded here.

Tropes in drowning, drowning:

  • Big Eater: During the second day, Amphithoe spends the entire duration of the party at the snack table. By the end of the party, she is so full that she passes out and has to be carried home.
  • Collection Sidequest: If you collect any seashells and give them to Dynamene during the first day, they'll be used as decorations for Eudora's party. Collect all 33 of them, and Dynamene will reward you with a friendship bracelet.
  • Deus ex 'Scuse Me: At the end of the party, Amphithoe suffers a Food Coma and Clio and Eudora have to carry her home. Since Maia is all alone now, there is nothing stopping her from going into the trench.
  • Freudian Trio: While Amphithoe and Clio are Red Oni, Blue Oni, respectively, Eudora acts as a balance between the two, being more responsible than Am, but also more relaxed than Clio.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Maia fully expects to drown when she dives into the sea for the first time, but Amphithoe is able to help her breathe underwater. This is accidental, because Am thinks Maia just wants to play with her and has no idea what Maia's actual intentions are.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Clio is very angry at Amphithoe for bringing Maia into the sea, and tries to get Maia to leave... but it's only because she thought Am brought Maia by force. When Clio finds out Maia dove into the sea willingly, she apologises for misunderstanding and becomes Maia's friend.
  • Mysterious Past: Not much is known about Maia's backstory, but there are heavy implications that she's suffered a lot while living on land and has become depressed and suicidal as a result.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Amphithoe and Clio. Am is a carefree and impulsive Genki Girl who tends to accidentally cause trouble for herself and her friends, while Clio is a serious and organized Only Sane Woman who tries to keep Am under control.
  • The Stinger: There is a post-credits scene that only appears if you complete the sidequests for Dynamene, Melite, and the Sardine Queen. It's a picture of Maia smiling happily with her new friends.
  • Walk, Don't Swim: Most of the game takes place underwater, yet almost everybody is seen walking on the seafloor instead of swimming. The sardines are excepted from this because they don't have legs.