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Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern is a 2001 game for PC and Sega Dreamcast, based on the Dragonriders of Pern series.

Taking place in the Seventh Pass, the story follows D'kor, a dragonrider at Fort Weyr, as he searches for a suitable Weyrwoman to replace their last one, who mysteriously died recently of a sudden illness. As time goes on, it becomes clear that people across Pern are contracting this illness, and that someone may be responsible for it...

A plot summary can be found here.

Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern provides examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: A number of texts about characters can be found in the Harper Hall archives, giving insights into their characters.
  • Best Served Cold: Roth's plan was to kill all the dragonriders at Fort Weyr to spite his weyrbred father who abandoned him when he failed to impress.
  • The Cameo: A drudge called "Anne" appears in the Fort Hold kitchens, dreaming about writing stories about dragons.
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  • Defiant to the End: Roth, at least until the good guys aren't watching.
  • Easy Exp
  • Fridge Logic: D'kor is barred from entering an archery contest at Fort Hold, as his skills as a dragonrider mean he will likely outshine the other contestants. After obtaining a disguise, he is able to enter, although the people who barred him in the first place still recognise him; addressing him with his dragonrider honorific.
    • Later, on Ista Island, D'kor has to disguise himself to enter a bar that isn't friendly to dragonriders. His friend N'eth has no problem just walking in, however.
  • Healing Herb: Several of these are needed to cure the sickness.
  • Informed Attribute: According to one of the texts in the Harper Hall, V'hul isn't coping with having a green dragon. This only really comes out when it turns out V'hul is working with the bad guys.
  • Killed Off for Real: K'tan, S'bor, and N'eth if you don't manage to rescue him.
  • Mooks but No Bosses: Combat in the game amounts to picking one of three weapons (knife, sword, crossbow) and hitting the enemy with it until they fall over dead.
  • Moral Dissonance: Towards the end of the game, when D'kor is busy killing the villains of the story, he inexplicably takes pity on V'hul and lets him escape, despite him being one of the major co-conspirators. However, he does later imprison F'ben when he discovers his connection to the crime, so it could just be that he and V'hul had some form of friendship that wasn't really explored in the game.
  • Race Against the Clock: N'eth gets kidnapped at one point and is left to drown in rising water. However...
    • Take Your Time: N'eth only is in danger of dying once you get to the end of the level he's imprisoned in. If you go into the wrong room, he'll drown, but it doesn't affect the plot in any way.
  • Red Herring: D'kor is tricked into thinking that the villain is S'lon
  • Series Continuity Error: One of the in-game texts talks about a settlement on the Southern Continent built by a "Lord Torric", although the game takes place more than seven hundred years before any new settlements on the Southern Continent were built. Not counting Roth's Hold on Ierne Island, of course...
  • The Plague: Revealed to be a newer strain of the sickness that spread across Pern in the Sixth Pass.
    • Synthetic Plague: Roth manufactured the disease himself, basing it off the aforementioned sickness. Exactly HOW he did this in a largely agrarian society is never revealed, however...
  • Travelling at the Speed of Plot: Fin the Runner is somehow able to get from Fort Hold to Ista Island before D'kor.


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