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DragonRealms is a text-based Multi-User Dungeon developed by Simutronics, and run by Considered one of the longest running "true" MUDs, the game has had an active player base as early as 1996, and continues to draw respectable numbers even to this day. The game attributes its long activity to an incredibly dedicated player and moderator base, and is constantly editing, re-editing and releasing new content, the newest of which is a classic dungeon crawl called "Quelling the Riot".

The world of Elanthia itself is a multicultural world filled with magic and mystery, populated by fantastical beings and every day joes just trying to get on with their lives without having to deal with an adventurer stumbling into their things. The world sweeps from desolate mountaintops and deserts to massive cities filled with all the exotic wonders of the world. Dance in the city squares, harvest wood, slay dragons, or even join a Guild to make a bit of extra money. In DragonRealms, and Elanthia, the only person stopping you from becoming great is yourself.

The game itself uses a skill-based system to "level up" (called gaining a ring) and gain new abilities and points to raise your stat levels. Most if not all of these skill points come from a player actually competing tasks, sometimes incredibly boring or repetitive, in order for their character to become more adept at a skill. Most, if not all, players choose to join a Guild (Fighter, Moon Mage, Battle Mage, etc.) in order to learn specialized spells and skills, but unlike many games, this is not required to advance. Along with this, the player chooses from one of several races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Elothean, Gor'Tog, Halfling (Olvi), S'Kra Mur and Prydaen, which can have a deep impact on their playstyle, as each race has a unique in-game history and abilities.


Tropes found in DragonRealms:

  • The Empath: The Empath Guild, the only player group in the game capable of healing. Although remember, just because they are healers, it doesn't mean they are all friendly.
  • Functional Magic: The Moon Mages tend to view magic as something to be studied and dissected.
  • Long-Runners: Launched in February 1996 and still active today, DragonRealms could possibly be the longest continuously running commercial MMORPG of all time, though other non-commercial MMOs have run longer.
  • Magic Music: The Bard's guild uses music to offer other players magical buffs.
  • Massive Race Selection: 8 options, listed above.


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