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Dognapped! AKA Rescue Rover 2 is the sequel to Rescue Rover. It was released in 1991 for DOS. It was published by Expert Software, Inc., Froggman, and Softdisk Publishing, as well as developed by id Software, Inc.

Aliens have mistaken your dog Rusty for Earth's leader and sent evil robots to kidnap him. Now you must free him from a variety of doggie prisons in this puzzle game. Dognapped! consists of a series of rooms containing forcefields, traps, robots and obstacles which you move through with precisely timed steps and the clever use of objects. You must carefully plan how to push crates and balls in front of robots to block their line of sight or make a bridge over water hazards. Once you've reached your dog, you then have to lead him back to the exit without anything happening to either of you.


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