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aka: Disgaea 5

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A Netherworld crisis of extinction-level proportions was perpetrated by the Demon Emperor, Void Dark-
The historians of later generations look back in puzzlement at this historical event, the largest Netherworld war, which erupted and expanded in a flash, and ended in just one night.
Some call it the War with No Victor, while others call it the War with No Hero. The truth of this event remains a mystery to this day...

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is the sixth game in the wacky Turn-Based Strategy series Disgaea, the work of Nippon Ichi. It is Nippon Ichi's first game for the PlayStation 4.

A powerful and evil Overlord named Void Dark is conquering Netherworlds with The Lost, his army of ten billion. A group of Overlords from conquered Netherworlds have decided that enough is enough, and rise against Void Dark to take vengeance. The story revolves around Killia, a young demon that seeks revenge against Void Dark. Joining him on his path of vengeance is Seraphina, the Princess Overlord of Gorgeous who ran away from home to avoid an Arranged Marriage. The protagonists must travel to different Netherworlds to recruit Overlords and build an army against Void Dark.

This games features numerous new features not seen in previous Disgaea games. Resistance and affiliation statistics for units on the battlefield can be seen when units are highlighted. There is also a revenge system that activates when party members are defeated. Several new units are introduced in Disgaea 5: the Dark Knight, Maid, Pirate, Sage, Wrestler, Fairy, Nine-Tailed, Chimera, Imp, Grizzly, Rabbit Fighter, Two-Headed Dragon and Cavalier.

A Nintendo Switch port titled Disgaea 5 Complete released in March 3, 2017 for Japan, May 23, 2017 for North America, and May 26, 2017 in the PAL Regions. The same edition was released for Windows on Steam on October 22, 2018.

This game provides examples of:

  • A-Cup Angst: One of the Stage Clear screens has a Witch, Thief, Archer and Clergy class characters ganging up on a Magic Knight and Armor Knight in a game of pool chicken; the four flat chested classes looking either angry or pleased as they attack the two far more developed women.
  • Achievement System: Notably, Complete goes out of its way to bring over the entire collection of Trophies from the PlayStation version of the game, handled by a new Trophy Shop NPC. The system is set up to be functionally and visually identical to the PlayStation as well; not only are Trophies sorted into Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies, with one Platinum Trophy, it even has a Trophy pop-up when you earn one that looks identical to the Playstation version's!
  • All Your Powers Combined: Killia dispels Shadow Void from Lieze's body by using an Ultimate Skill: Macrocosm powered up by the Overloads of all of his friends.
  • Arranged Marriage: Seraphina's father has arranged a marriage of convenience between his daughter and Void Dark. Seraphina is not very happy about this.
  • Anti-Climax: Everyone has this reaction when they discover that one of the Overlords of the Carnage Dimension is... a Prinny. Killia warns them to not underestimate it, but Seraphina, despite agreeing with him, says that The Reveal completely took the tension out of the scenario.
  • Anti-Frustration Features
    • The Cheat Shop from Disgaea Dimension 2 returns, allowing players to tweak HL or EXP drops to their liking.
    • Also from Disgaea Dimension 2, if a bill fails, players have the option of spending HL to force it to pass.
    • Characters can have sub-classes, making it much easier to unlock and get Evilities from other classes. It is possible to unlock every single class in the game, as well as all six tiers of every class using a single character with no reincarnations required.
    • Characters can equip sub-weapons, letting them quickly switch between multiple skill-sets in battle.
    • The item bag is much larger than other games, and there are no limits to what you can take into item worlds.
      • Added to that, The Innocent System has been revised, and now allows you to remove an innocent from an item WITHOUT subduing them, the originally time consuming task now relegated to purely when you fuse Innocents.
    • Recruiting new units costs HL instead of Mana, and creating a character at Distinguished or Genius doesn't require assembly approval. And by spending extra HL you can start them at a higher level. (Reincarnation still costs Mana, however)
      • Added to that Complete just drops a huge bag of one million HL on you, no strings attached as part of the bonuses. You want to get a stupidly overpowered Glass Cannon unit, with a ridiculous amount of ATK, but it would cost a fortune? Go ahead, nothing's stopping you...
    • Dying in a normal battle gives you the option to either retry the battle from the beginning, return to your base, or return to the title screen.
    • In previous games, Big Bang was often the only generic non-magic skill with a 3x3 Area of Effect and could only be used with a fist (Though swords would occasionally gain such a skill). This meant that for grinding Ordeal stages (Which almost always place enemies in a 3x3 pattern), unless the character had magic or a unique 3x3 skill, the character had to change their weapon to a fist, even if he or she is not proficient with them. This game bucks that trend by giving each weapon type a 3x3 Area of Effect skill, allowing characters to grind while still holding onto their preferred weapons.
    • The Paint Shop is now combined with the Assembly, and has an unlockable option to modify the colours individually.
    • The Character Unlock Assembly bills have been completely replaced with Quests, which range from ranking up a particular class to the obligatory fetch quest. Also, the rank levels needed to unlock the classes are very low and it is perfectly possible to unlock every class in the game even before completing the story.
    • In previous Disgaea games, getting the alternate endings can be a huge hassle as they force a New Game Plus afterwards. Here, you just go back to the base after an alternate ending plays.
    • Most DLC in previous games are inaccessible until the Post Game. Here, you can obtain the DLC characters at any time, and they just scale with your story progress so you can easily obtain them whenever you want.
    • When starting New Game Plus, characters unlocked in post-game content would leave the party and you would have to unlock them all over again. 5 lets you keep any characters you've unlocked from post-game, such as Asagi, Majorita, Void and Goldion when starting New Game Plus.
  • Apocalypse How: Class X is standard fare for overlords. The final battle has the player trying to prevent Class X-4.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Certain enemies, in particular Item World bosses, will not move unless they can execute an attack in the same turn. As long as you can hit and damage them from outside of their range, such as with magic, you can pummel them down without them ever even attempting retaliation.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever:
    • The Giant status, which causes the character to grow to twice their size and have their stats multiplied. While Giant, the Unit can't Combo with other characters and can't use any of their normal Specials, but gains access to a unique offensive Skill, Giant Press, a C-Rank ATK Skill that hits all enemies in a fair radius.
    • Magnus's Overload, Super Olympia, causes him to double in size. Unlike the Giant status, this transformation also restores his HP and SP and restricts his available Specials to his unique Skills, which also gain modified range and increased power. Its evolved form, Super Universe, takes it a step further and triples his size, and tacks on a 50% stat increase to boot.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: For a long time, strengthening your skills. You can upgrade the damage or effect of most skills up to eight times from base. However, the increasing SP cost of this is exponential: A rank nine high level magic spell, for example, will have a mana cost in the millions. This can be partially mitigated by raising the skill's level, but even at 99 the top tier spells will still cost half a million SP. Thus, during the storyline you have to balance skill use against sustainability.
  • Back from the Dead:
    • Broken Faith Magia does a Came Back Wrong version of this, in that it revives the dead as a corpse. However, it can be powered up to actually properly revive the dead if fueled with an enormous amount of energy, which turns out to be Void Dark's true plan in the end.
    • Marjorita was cunning enough to plan a failsafe in advance that would bring her back to life if she died. Problem being that because most of her own magic is fueled by suffering and torment, she has to pay the price for her own spell, which additionally curses her to fulfill the wishes of the person she hates the most. No one is particularly happy about the arrangement, including Usalia, who the curse forces Marjorita to serve, but Killia rolls with it due to Marjorita no longer being inherently hostile.
  • Bank Robbery: One of the Mystery Rooms in the Item World is a bank. If you talk to the teller, you'll take 5,000 HL from her. You can continue to talk to her to swipe more money from her, but every time, there's a random chance that she'll instead summon security guards. Security guards that, by the way, are more powerful than Proto Darkdeath if he were to appear at the floor you were at, and are guaranteed to have maxed-out stats (99,999,999) if it's a Carnage item. Hope that 1,000,000 HL was worth getting torn to shreds! And just to rub salt in the wound, the Skip Gate becomes no longer visible when this happens. Emphasis on "visible". The Skip Gate is still there underneath Mil, just not the graphical assets for it.
  • Bash Brothers: Kilia and Zeroken become this; the latter even begins calling our hero "bro" to emphasize their connection. In the post game, Void also joins in, but Zero is understandably more hesitant about giving him the nickname.
  • Battle Royale: At one point, Void Dark's sanctuary is invaded by about a dozen sibling overlords who try to topple him. After effortlessly killing their leader, he decides one, and only one of them, can become one of his Demon Generals... if they kill all of their brothers. This gets a Call-Back in later on, when the party is confronted by the winner.
  • Beam-O-War: When Bloodis uses Macrocosm the second time, Killia counters back with the same attack, leading to this. Because Macrocosm's true strength lies in the combined strength of the user and allies' hearts, it is Killia who wins the Beam-O-War.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Near the very end of the game, all of the allies Killia and his friends gained over the course of the story show up in the nick of time to stave off the corpses Void Dark was summoning with Broken Faith Magia. Christo's superior also sends an army of Angels to back them up for good measure.
  • Big Eater: Killia eats a lot because he needs to maintain a high calorie intake. It's because he needs the extra energy to suppress the doubt in his heart.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: Were rabbits. The males (generics and Usalia's dad) look like anthromorphic rabbits. Females (such as Usalia and her mother) are basically human with rabbit features.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Some of the Evilities are, at best, INCREDIBLY poorly worded. "Flying Bullets" gives the equipped character limitless attack range when equipped with a gun. Does this mean the character can attack from clear across the map? No, you've still got the same range as before, it just allows you to attack diagonally, which you can't normally do with guns. "Hold the Line" prevents enemies from entering within 2 panels while the user is using the Defend command. Surely this means that if they're defending they can't be targeted by close range attackers? No, it just means that enemies can't go around them. They can still go right next to them and attack directly.
    • A generic monster, the Fairy, has an ability that sucks enemies into the lantern they carry to do damage. It was mistranslated as "Lantern Section" rather than "Lantern Suction".
    • The most infamous example is Petta's Overload Skill, Future Eyre. The way its worded makes the skill seem much weaker than it actually is. It seems like it requires a character has to have already used their Overload Skill to benefit from Future Eyre. In truth, ally Overload Skills (not Petta's) get +1 use. This skill is a menance when you have large numbers of Overload Skills, including the really good ones from Killia, Valvatorez, Etna, Usalia, or Christo with you.
    • The martial arts style of Killia and Zeroken is translated as "Ultimate Demon Technique". While the first two words are more or less a direct translation ("Chou Ma", literally "Super Demon"), the use of the final word "Technique" is a strange one as the word used in Japanese, "Ryū", is more commonly translated as "Style". Furthermore, "Technique" often implies a skill or ability, so it ends up sounding awkward and redundant when they yell the name of their style in conjunction with their Last or Ultimate skills.
      Killia: Ultimate Demon Technique, Final Skill! Avidya Holy Water!
  • Blob Monster: Slimes make a return in this game. They are highly resistant to physical damage but very weak to all forms of elemental damage.
  • Blunt "Yes": When you ask the demon in charge of interrogations if what they're doing is really ok, they respond with a blunt "yes" and nothing else. Presumably this is because you are, after all, demons.
  • Bonus Boss:
    • Super Overlord Baal returns, but unlike previous entries, he was not included in the base game; he was later added via a free update. Complete does have him in the base game, however.
    • The Item World has Proto Darkdeath, who can randomly spawn as a rare enemy from Mr. Egg. He has absurd stats that far exceed your own until you have close-to-maxed characters, but you can score a great training bonus for your Item if you can kill him.
    • The post-game, as per tradition, has one. It's Carnage Overlord Prinny. Level 2000 by default, has stats that approach 300000, exceeds 10,000,000 HP, and packs some insane Evilities, but whoever can kill him unlocks a Unique Evility Slot for the trouble.
    • For reasons unknown, the final chapter's boss, Liezerota Dark, can be revisited, although they have gained a severe level increase in the interim, going from Level 120 to 3600. Fighting them in the Carnage Dimension has them maxed out at Level 9999, with near maxed out stats and HP for good measure.
    • Another post-game boss is unlocked through the Quest Shop, by clearing the Carnage Dimension's unique stages. Void's Disembodied Malice makes its return, and until Baal was added in the base game, was the final challenge. Being that it was found in the Carnage Dimension, it had a few billion HP, around 30 million in all stats, had fodder units backing it up, couldn't have its gear stolen, is in permanent Revenge Mode, and as the cherry on top, makes use of the Overload skills Void stole throughout the campaign. Defeating this foe granted the player their last Unique Evility Slot, alongside Eclipse Power.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Played with regarding the ability to play the Money, Mana, and EXP grinding User-created maps, called "Money Maps," which can only be unlocked in the Post Game. To get them you must Unlock the Carnage Dimension. Doing this requires completing all 5 Ordeals maps (The Martial Training Netherworld, for those not in the know), killing an Item God at the last floor of an item, completing a Chara World playthough on "Overlord" difficulty, passing several bills, completing several associated quests, and recruiting Void, Majorita, and Asagi. After unlocking the Carnage Dimension, you have to clear the Carnage version of the 5th Ordeal map. By the time you've done all that, the money maps have lost a lot of their usefulness since so much has been done. However, some money maps are actually quite valuable, allowing for easy Revenge Shard collection, levelling up even faster than what the Ordeals maps can provide... but the best maps can let you max out your Weapon and Armor Masteries and Skill levels within minutes with a little Cheat Shop and Innocent manipulation, letting you get plenty of lagging units up to speed to tackle the rest of the Carnage Dimension, as well as Baal if you so choose. This may fall under Not the Intended Use.
  • Brick Joke: The "On the Next" segments are too ridiculous to be true... most of the time.
    • One of the "On the Next" segments claims that Void Dark is merely the first member of a group called the "Elite Four". Unlocking Void Dark in the post-game will unlock the "Elite Four" squad.
    • Another one has Zeroken giving promotions for instruction in the Ultimate Demon Technique. The postgame has him teaching the Ultimate Demon Technique to others.
    • A third has Zeroken being pulled into another dimension and becoming ridiculously strong through training. Replace "Zeroken" with "Goldion", and it's pretty damn accurate. Oh, and Baal is a thing.
    • A fourth has Majorita doing hard time on Toto Bunny to pay for her crimes. She used one of her own curses to come back from her zombified state... but the nature of the curse enthralls her to Usalia.
    • In-game, when Killia and Zeroken use the same technique, Killia says that even a kid can learn it. In the ending, Zeroken starts a dojo with young students...which leads him to ask Killia for help in the post-game, because his students are learning fast.
    • Christo claims that he is the Overlord of a "certain giant" Netherworld, which earns him the title of "Certain Giant Overlord". It is possible to find a Netherworld that is literally named "Certain Giant" through Research.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Killia and Liezerota.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: All of the post-game content is already hard enough as is, but then you get introduced to the Carnage Dimension, an entire world of ultra-hard levels; it's all of the main story levels and Martial Training levels but with much more difficult enemies.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Turns out Usalia is Majorita's worst match up. Especially poignant in terms of gameplay for Usalia solidly resists Majorita's main weapon, main element of attack, and uses Majorita's greatest weakness as her form of attack. Murmur of Rage is also a major wrench in Majorita's strategy too.
  • Call-Back: Christo is an angel trying to assassinate an Overlord, just like Flonne was in the first game. This may or may not be a coincidence. This may or may not be a Call-Forward.
  • The Cameo: Baal appears and is mentioned in one of the On the Next sequences.
  • Captain Ersatz: Logan, a minor overlord who talks exactly like Hulk Hogan.
  • Care-Bear Stare: Ultimate Demon Technique: Final Skill: Avidya Holy Water, in addition to being a very powerful attack, has the potential to eliminate the darkness in a demon's heart; for this reason, the user needs to possess a pure heart in order to properly use the attack. Killia and Zeroken both know how it works, but can't initially use it at its full power. It also has an even stronger version, Ultimate Demon Technique: Ultimate Skill: Macrocosm, that also grows stronger when fueled by the hearts of the user's allies.
  • Combination Attack:
    • This game brings back Combo/Alliance Skills, which haven't been seen since La Pucelle, where if two compatible characters are standing directly next to each other, they can execute a Combo Skill that has high base power and is typically a Herd-Hitting Attack. Only the story characters can learn Combo Skills by default, but the DLC characters also come packaged with Combo Skills when paired with specific Disgaea 5 characters or each other.
    • One chapter is spent training Zeroken so he and Killia can use a duo version of Avidya Holy Water on Bloodis to remove his brainwashing and turn him back into Goldion. It doesn't work. Or does it?
    • In the post-game, Killia and Void perform a two-man Macrocosm to destroy Void Dark's evil heart shortly after Void explains that he managed to master the Ultimate Demon Technique offscreen.
    • Also in the post-game, there's an even stronger version of the Macrocosm that uses all four of the Demon Fist users: Goldion, Killia, Void, and Zeroken.
  • Combined Energy Attack: Generally, the Ultimate Skill of the Ultimate Demon Technique, Macrocosm, uses the power of both the pure innocent heart of the user and the hearts of those he wishes to protect, unleashing a powerful Kamehame Hadouken. It reaches it's most powerful state at the end, when each of Killia's allies fuel the Macrocosm with their Overloads.
  • Continuity Nod:
  • Cosmetic Award: Defeating Super Overlord Baal for the first time rewards you with the Axel Gear accessory. Aside from changing your movement animation, it gives a measly 15 point boost to all stats and is utterly outclassed by pretty much every other accessory in the game.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max:
    • The first time you see Killia, he defeats an entire Lost army single-handedly. Obviously, Killia can't actually do that in combat at level 3.
    • Seraphina casts her overload, Balor Gaze, seemingly at will in cutscenes, sometimes repeatedly in quick succession. In combat, of course, it can only be triggered in Revenge mode, like all overload powers. This may be justified since non combat applications seem to have a faster cooldown time, as seen with Christo's Overload Skill.
  • Darker and Edgier: While previous games have had less than pleasant things happen to their main cast, and this game is still Disgaea at heart, it's nonetheless darker and more serious than past games. The story has revenge as its main theme, Killia is much more broody than past Disgaea leads, he has a Dark and Troubled Past that gives him excellent reasons for brooding, and the main villains and their deeds are played dead seriously.
  • Day in the Limelight: Most of the game's second half is spent dedicating an Episode to each of the characters in the main party and their character development, which ends in them getting a new or upgraded Overload Skill.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Played with in-story for the DLC. Despite being the victor of most of the battles, Killia is recruited into the parties of several past Disgaea leads, becoming a vassal, a Prinny Instructor, and an Evil Academy student for Laharl, Valvatorez, and Mao respectively.
  • Demonic Possession: In the final stage, Lieze is possessed by Shadow Void, the manifestation of Void's hatred and negativity that was separated from him when Killia used Ultimate Skill: Macrocosm on him.
    • Between Dark Void saying he "found" his own power, and Shadow Void continuing to cause trouble after his defeat, it's implied that either Dark Void was possessed himself, or that his own dark side became so powerful it possessed him.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • The original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness trio, after being post game regulars for a very long time, have been Demoted To DLC.
    • The original Dragon class, a regular recurring class since the first game (though it was originally DLC for the third game), is not part of the monster class line-up, being replaced by the Two-Headed Dragon class. The original Dragons do show up in cut-scenes...roasted and served on a platter for Killia's consumption.
    • In a similar vein, the Spirit class (a recurring magic-based class from the first game) is not part of the monster class line-up and in their place are Fairies.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Complete allows you to grab a vast chunk of the former DLC content at the very start of the game, which includes a starter pack of weapons that are marginally better than anything you can get from the first Netherworld, Girl Laharl, Nisa, Metallia, several Scenarios to unlock more characters, all of the Helper Prinniesnote  and 1,000,000 HL. The latter-most package allows you to dump HL on recruiting allies with a ton of bonus stats right away.
  • Downloadable Content: In several ways and flavors, which may or may not have been influenced by a Famitsu poll that was be used to determine which characters would become DLC. And naturally, Complete includes all of it in the base game:
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Mamoru Miyano sings the game's main theme, Kill Real.
  • Dual Wielding: An unlockable evility lets characters do this, letting them use both of their sub-weapons at the same time.
  • Easily Forgiven: Averted with the villains, when they join the party in the postgame. While Goldion was brainwashed, he explicitly holds himself responsible for the atrocities he committed at the time, and helps the party as a means to atone. Void is somewhat tolerated, and he intends to atone as well, but Killia makes it clear that the road to redemption will be long and laborious; he was willing to take the easy way out, even with Majorita poised to kill him, but Killia and Usalia put a stop to that. As for Majorita, she remains willfully unrepentant, but the curse she afflicted to herself to avoid death mandates that she fulfill Usalia's wishes; given how much Majorita delighted in tormenting the girl, she's not getting out of this one lightly.
  • Easy Level Trick: You can cheese the post-game's Bonus Boss by throwing a Prinny at him to cause a chain reaction, but you will not get the reward for killing it this way.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Despite technically being evil, most of the Overlords have family or friends they care about. Killia turned from a ruthless, selfish Overlord to a wanderer who helped people in need because he loved Lieze. Zigzagged with Void Dark, though. Void Dark is willing to do anything for his sister Lieze except heed her wishes; he refused to quit fighting with Killia like she asked and killed her as a result, he kills billions of demons to revive her, and his Dark Malice possesses her to destroy all the Netherworlds and create a "utopia" just for the two of them. Lieze is so horrified by his atrocities she begs Killia to kill them and end this madness.
  • Evil Overlooker: The Makai Senki Disgaea 5 (First Press Limited Edition) Japanese cover has Liezerota on top looking down on Killia, who ended up as the Final Boss, albeit reluctantly.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: The description for the Arcadia item attempts to explain one of the steps of some sort of ritual:
    "Now pour the blood of the demons into—it's leaking!"
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Essentially the entire main cast except Usalia. Seraphina drags Killia and Red Magnus into her service for the express purpose of using them to kill Void Dark, Christo joins Seraphina's group to use them and Seraphina, Zeroken plays himself up as a hero and joins the party against anyone's consent, and Killia could care less about who teams up with him. However, over time they eventually see themselves as true friends.
  • First Girl Wins: Averted and played straight. The first two characters introduced are Killia and Seraphina. It becomes painfully obvious that Killia's immunity to her Balor Gaze has caught her attention, and she consistently pretends she has no feelings for him. It it is clear by the last chapters that she truly does love Killia, but Killia's mind is on his lost love Lieselotte. When Liezerota revives, Killia begins living his life with her, and Seraphina refuses to believe she can't have Killia. What makes it unique is two things: Seraphina is introduced to us, the audience, as an eligible bachelorette so it's averted for the audience, however it's played straight for Killia who met Liezerota first. Secondly, until the final battle, Killia is under the impression that Liezerota is gone, so his refusal to share Seraphina's feelings are out of post-mortem grief for his lost love, and then it becomes the fact that he's in a relationship with his revived love that ultimately sinks Seraphina's "Seralia" ship.
  • Foil: Killia and Void Dark. Both start out as ruthless assholes, are students of Goldion and love Lieze. Killia heeds Lieze's wish to be a better person and helps out others because that's what she would want him to do, finding a new family and mastering Goldion's ultimate techniques in the process. Void Dark is more concerned about keeping Lieze to himself rather than listening to her, resulting in him killing her, committing countless atrocities to save her, and possessing her in a last-ditch effort to keep her, horrifying Lieze to the point she would rather die than let him succeed. Void Dark eventually acts better, but it requires Killia literally punching the malice out of him.
  • Forced Level-Grinding: In order to make any progress in the post-game, you have to pass bills through the Dark Assembly that will open up new Netherworlds to discover. These typically cost around 10,000 Mana to attempt, which usually means you're gonna be spending some time in the Item World in between progress.
  • Foreshadowing: Mainly concerning Christo's true identity, with a lot of small hints:
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • In the Switch port, interacting with the Bouquet item occasionally causes the game to crash. Unless you really want it, your best course of action every time you get a Bouquet is to save your game and then delete the item immediately.
    • In theory, you're supposed to encounter other players' Netherworlds in the Item World and in Research. However, in the Switch port, even if the Network toggle is set to on, it doesn't work.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Considering the relations between Demons and Angels in the rest of the series, And the evidence of D5 being a Prequel, it's somewhat odd being able to recruit the Celestial Host classes, much less find out that Angels freely migrating there to train is commonplace. The only possible explanation is from Disgaea D2, wherein the DLC character Rozalin recognizes the cast from Disgaea 2, but the cast of D2 have no idea who she is. As such, it's possible it's just some weird time/space issue, but given Disgaea's confusing timeline between games, it's difficult to pin it down and was likely just included for the player to enjoy.
  • Gender Bender:
  • Geo Effects: Taking this trope a bit further than the rest of the series, there are now Netherworld Effects, which are like the series' signature Geo Effects mechanic but applied across the entire map. Effects include randomly spawning mushrooms, reducing maximum accuracy, and altering elemental resistances. Once you unlock the ability to summon your Netherworld during battle, you can do so at the cost of one bonus gauge to overwrite the current Netherworld Effect if there's one already and replace it with one of your choosing (which you decide in the Nether Editor).
  • Gratuitous English: The default base theme Moving On is sung entirely in English by a Japanese singer. It's very clear English isn't her first language.
  • Gratuitous German: Kill Real, the game's Opening Theme features a Background Choir repeating the (grammatically slightly incorrect) words "Mein Trauer! Und mein Hass! Ich schüren Hölle!"Translation 
  • Gretzky Has the Ball: The Next Episode segment at the end of Episode 5 has Seraphina introduce herself as a genius soccer player joining a losing soccer team to even the odds. However, it becomes very clear to the players and the characters throughout the whole segment that Seraphina doesn't even know rules of the game. One of her special techniques, the Direct Money Bomber, involves her pitching the ball into the goal. Seraphina handwaves this in-universe by saying that, because they're demons, the game has no rules, making it less soccer than Calvinball.
  • Guide Dang It!: All over the place with Evilities that increase ATK, which can be either a straight stat boost, which has a hard cap that any end-game character will already have met, or it can be a damage boost which is the key to maximizing your attacks.
  • Hard Mode Filler: All of the non-DLC stages are revisited in the Carnage Dimension, and are made much more difficult. However, these Carnage stages yield items that outclass even the strongest of non-Carnage itemsnote .
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Zeroken was originally one of the Lost, until Goldion was brainwashed into becoming Bloodis. This caused him to take the initiative and use the skills Goldion taught him to run away.
    • Marjorita and Void. Marjorita's is actually caused against her own free will due to a curse she cast on herself, and no one likes the arrangement. Void joins to atone for his crimes, and Killia accepts due to Void having learned the Ultimate Demon Technique.
  • Helping Would Be Killstealing: During the "Attack of the Carnage Dimension" arc, despite Goldion's newfound strength, he refuses to join the heroes initially due to wanting the heroes to figure out how to handle the situation themselves and grow stronger as a result. He does join after you beat them, though.
  • Herd-Hitting Attack: There are exactly four attacks in the game that can hit every enemy Unit on the map:
    • Izuna's Comet Disaster Overload, which deals a medium-power Star-elemental attack to all foes on the map.
    • Usalia's Murmur of Rage Overload, which includes an AOE attack as part of its effect.
    • The Sage generic Class's Land Decimator Skill, which, despite its G-Rank power and 50% Accuracy limit, is considered a Game-Breaker.
    • Metallia's Greedy Mekhashefa, which doesn't deal damage, but can target all enemy Units for a Capture.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Usalia's zombified parents protect her from a deathblow from Marjorita due to their love for her overpowering Marjorita's Overload Skill.
    • Lieze jumped in the way of an attack from Void aimed at Killia to save him. This ultimately ends up killing her, which neither Killia nor Void were too happy about.
  • If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!: Usalia, of all people, says this to convince Red Magnus not to kill Marjorita. Although she hates Marjorita with every fiber of her being, in the end she's more or less a defenseless child once her powers are out of the equation, and Usalia isn't willing to go that far. She also wants Marjorita to pay for her crimes eventually, which would require her to be alive.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: In Chapter 3, there is a skit where Seraphina gets a report on the damage Zeroken did when he broke into her pocket Netherworld. One of the Prinnies tells her that he stole all the sardines in storage, so she asks if they were delicious. When he answers that they were, she immediately knows who took the sardines.
  • Interface Screw: If you get in a fight in the "bank" Mystery Room, the Skip Gate beneath Mil will appear to not exist. It's still there, and can be accessed as usual. Players not aware of this may give up the current expedition due to the fact that the enemies at the bank are insanely powerful relative to the current enemies in the Item World you're in.
  • Interface Spoiler: The Celestial Host's Holy Saber skill damages demons but heals angels. If used on Christo it will heal him, revealing his true nature. Though averted in that you can't actually unlock the Celestial Host until after the story makes it obvious anyway.
  • Implausible Deniability: A particularly hilarious case in that EVERYONE is in on the secret, but pretend it doesn't exist anyway. That being Christo being an angel. Both Christo and the entire party pretend The Reveal never happened, and whenever evidence to the contrary like his horns falling off comes about, they pretend that doesn't happen either.
    • Christo later tries to outright tell Killia he's an angel. Killia immediately cuts him off with a response that implies they already know but don't care because Christo's their friend and ally.
  • Kamehame Hadouken: The strongest skills of Ultimate Demon Techniques, Avidya Holy Water and Macrocosm, involve shooting a powerful beam from the user' fists. In-game, Killia is the only character to be able to use both of them solo. Zeroken and Void have to team up with Killia to do Avidya Holy Water and Macrocosm respectively while Bloods requires all three of his students perform a world-shattering version Macrocosm.
  • Kinda Busy Here: Christo says this frequently to his superior who calls him frequently before various fights in the game.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Barring a morbid Running Gag involving Void's secretaries, the villains are played surprisingly seriously, with very few comedic moments involving them. Until the post-game, where they start getting played for laughs.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Averted with regards to Rozalin from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Despite the fact that her Overload temporarily turns her back into the real Overloard Zenon, nowhere in the game is she actually referred to as Zenon.
  • Limit Break:
    • Overload skills, special abilities that can only be used once per map that can be activated when the character enters Revenge mode. They're only accessible to unique characters until the postgame, where the Overloads of recruitable Overlords can be given to any character you want.
      • Seraphina's Balor Gaze puts all male, non-boss enemies in the Charmed state, causing them to attack their teammates. She later gains an upgraded version called True Brionac Gaze that outright lets you control the enemies and give them commands like moving or attacking.
      • Red Magnus' Super Olympia causes him to become giant and increases his stats and area of effect on his unique attacks. He gains Super Universe during the events at Scorching Flame, which makes him even bigger and gives him better stat boosts.
      • Christo's Occhi Clairvoyance increases the evasion and accuracy of his allies. It upgrades to Evangel of Purity later, which increase the evasion and accuracy boosts to 100%.
      • Zeroken gains Superluminal Wolf a couple chapters after he joins the party. It splits him into 5 different Zerokens, one with the same stats as the original while the other 4 have far less than that, but can still be issued commands.
      • Usalia also gains her Overload, Murmur of Rage, later than everyone above. It damages every enemy on the map and transforms her into her Berserk form, granting her the Archer class' Support Attack ability with limitless range and a special 3x3 unique attack that deals massive damage.
      • Killia's Tyrant Revelio allows them to perform 3 movements and attacks in a single turn and transforms him back into Tyrant Overlord Killidia.
      • Bloodis' Spirited Tempest increases his stats by 100% for 2 turns. He's almost invincible in this state, so trying to pick a fight with him probably won't work out.
      • Majorita's Broken Faith Magia brings back any allies that died on that map. When she joins you in the postgame, it's changed so that it summons dead enemies instead. Notable for being pretty important to the plot unlike the rest of the Overloads listed here; namely, Void Dark needed it so that he could bring Liezerota back from the dead.
      • Void Dark has an Overload called Brigante Eclipse, which steals other overloads. When fighting him as a boss, he'll use it to cast the Overloads he stole in-story. However his playable version only has Alma Ice Sculpture, which forces any enemies he attacks to skip their next turn.
      • Logan's Largest Throw XXL doubles his already massive throwing range for 3 turns.
      • Geese's Miracle Regen heals him for 20% of his max health at the end of each turn for 7 turns.
      • Hedler's Poison Party Mist poisons all enemies within 5 panels of him.
      • Erynder Z's Indomitable Spread heals all allies on the map.
      • Izuna's Comet Disaster deals decent star damage to all enemies on the map.
      • Drumdawn's Attack on Giant makes all allies on the map giant.
      • Brave's Immovable Vajra makes him immune to all damage for three turns, at the cost of being unable to do anything while in that state.
      • Laharl and Girl Laharl have Atrocious Prince, which deals massive damage to all units within a 5 tile Radius of 5 tiles.
      • Etna has Chaotic Ordina, which summons a large number of Prinnies to fight on her behalf.
      • Flonne has Volunteer Sauveur, which transforms Flonne into Pure Flonne, giving her a 30% boost to all stats.
      • Adell has Ameretat's Bravery, which boosts Adell's damage by 2000%, and lets him move up to 32 tiles.
      • Rozalin has Severe Aeshma, which transforms her into True Zenon, boosting her ATK by 30%.
      • Mao has Astaroth Reform, which increases the equipment proficiency of all allies by 50%.
      • Valvatorez has Tepes Nightmare, which transforms him into Tyrant Valvatorez for three turns and allows him to automatically revive any enemies he defeats while in this state as allies.
      • Desco has Channel Azi Dahaka, which insta-kills all weaker units within 5 tiles.
      • Overlord Priere has Extreme Mardock, which lets her take her move again every time she kills an enemy (at the cost of a stat penalty every time she does so).
      • Zetta has Grand Avesta, which summons a building on top of the base panel, increasing the number of units you can dispatch by 5.
      • Pram has Wisdom of Ipos, which causes her to evade all attacks for two turns.
      • Petta has Future Eyre, which lets all units use their Overloads a second time.
      • Metallia has Greedy Mekhashefa, which is a map-wide capture attack.
    • Squad leaders have access to Squad Attacks, which are only available when the Revenge gauge is full. A Squad Attack does damage based on the user's primary attack stat and the number of units in their squad, and although on the surface it appears to be a single-target skill, if the target is on an enemy squad, all of their squadmates will also receive damage.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: If you send a Research team to explore a Stray Netherworld and they discover its Overlord, you'll be given the option to fight the Overlord. Defeating them will cause the Netherworld they ruled over to collapse, disappearing from your Research list.
  • Lost Food Grievance: Twice over in chapter 4. The theft of a plate of curry rice fires up the Prinnies in the pocket Netherworld, which in turns makes the other heroes crave the food (since the Prinnies suddenly became a lot more serious over it, it must mean the meal is just that good). And when the plate in question gets smashed, the distraught heroes (sans Killia, who's exasperated by the whole thing) go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Love Triangle: Seraphina is in love with Killia (not that she'd admit it), who is in love with Liezerota, who died before the story started, but returned Killia's feelings when she was alive.
    • In the post-game, Lieze and Seraphina even outright admit to each other that they both like Killia, but try to get along. It appears that Killia's going for Lieze, but he is of course oblivious to the competition.
    • Worth to be mentioned is Killia-Lieze-Void triangle. Killia and Lieze love each other but 'dude-with-serious-sister-complex' known as Void would be serious obstacle at any relationship's progress. Any triangle with Seraphina and Void is null; as Seraaphina hates him and Void doesn't pay heed to her.
  • Master Poisoner: Chapter 3's Netherworld, Poisondise, is a tropical vacation destination with completely toxic water. Hedler, the overlord of this Netherworld, is a Winged Warrior (the name of the moth class) who specializes in utilizing poison instead of brute strength, going as far as poisoning his entire Netherworld to defend it from invading armies. After defeating him and defending his Netherworld from the invading Lost Army, he joins your group. He still obsesses over poisons, going as far as to openly contemplate poisoning everyone's food for his amusement.
  • Me's a Crowd: The mysterious "Double Illusion" Netherworld, which has a peculiar ability to create clones of people who stay there too long. The Lost are presumed to have avoided this specific Netherworld for this reason. When the party arrives, they end up having to fight 100 clones of Asagi.
  • Mind Control: Seraphina's Balor Gaze has this effect on men, turning them into effective slaves that bow to her every whim. In gameplay, this allows her to inflict the Charm status on all non-boss Male Units in a five-tile radius. Its evolved form, True Brionaic Gaze, takes it a step further and allows her to directly command men with her power. The gameplay version becomes upgraded to allow the player to issue commands to enemies affected by it as if they were an allied Unit.
  • Mistaken for Gay:
    • When Christo joins the rebels, Seraphina notes how nice and polite he is, especially towards Killia, making her think that he's gay and in love with Killia. Christo denies it.
    • Continuing from the original, when Laharl and Killia meet in the DLC content, they make several Accidental Innuendos, which Etna quickly picks up on.
    • Depending on the personality, a Lady Samurai may mention she's receiving love letters from a girl, and seems rather flustered by it; though she doesn't say if she has no interest in love, or no interest in love with another girl.
  • Mutually Assured Destruction: Christo threatens this situation upon his superiors in Episode 11: If Celestia fires its anti-Netherworld weapon, Armageddon, he'll leak the coordinates for Celestia to Void Dark, allowing Void to launch a costly counterattack, leaving both the Netherworlds and Celestia heavily ravaged. This gets Christo's superiors to back down.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The three Asagi clones the party encounters are based on the different depictions of Asagi throughout all of her cameos. The arrogant Idol Asagi is based on the most common depiction of Asagi starting with Soul Nomad & the World Eaters and her being an idol is based on her ending in Asagi Wars and her cameo Disgaea Dimension 2. Cry Baby Asagi is based on the depressed depictions of Asagi like in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice and Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. Finally, Dark Asagi with the constant shadow over her eyes and not so nice personality is reminiscent of Asagi's Evil Counterpart Asagi Kurosugi from Asagi Wars.
      • The Common Evilities of the Asagi generic class allude to the bosses of Asagi Wars. 8-Bit Giant (8-Bit Asagi), Muscle Power (Asagi Scharwznature), Mini and Robot Doll Body (Mini Asagi), Asagiri Power (Demon Asagi, who was shown with zombies), Beetle Size (Hercules Beetle Asagi) and Dark Song (Asagi Kurosugi).
    • Adell and Rozalin's Rising Ice Phoenix attack ends with them dancing with each not unlike the intro to Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.
  • New Game Plus: after beating the game, there is a person you can speak to who will send you "back in time", allowing you to fully replay the entire story with every item you've collected, all the characters you unlocked (minus story ones which must be unlocked again but will be at the level and have all the equipment you left them at), and every feature open (Item World, Chara World, etc). Granted if you do this, your army will wipe the floor with the main campaign, and if you do this after completing most of the post-game, you're probably able to send out just one unit with the difficulty cranked to max and still not sweat a single hit of damage against everything you had to worry about in your first run.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: One of the new units is a zombie maid. With a gun.
  • No Badass to His Valet: The postgame has everyone agreeing that the most incredible character in the game is Lieze, for having The Hero, the reformed Big Bad and the World's Strongest Man all under her thumb without her really even trying.
  • Noble Demons: Pretty much the hat of demons as a whole. Their near universal culture, setting aside exceptions like Toto Bunny, is to loudly proclaim how evil and violent they are. They and others claim they only feel negative emotions and are incapable of love. However, not only do they love each other and their families just like any other person might, but they also pointedly balk at genuinely indefensible actions like attacking children, emotional torments of the types that Majorita puts people through and betrayal of strong bonds, such as those between family.
  • No Man of Woman Born: Usalia and Red Magnus are hit by a poison that can't be cured by any Netherworld magic or tonic. Angel magic, on the other hand...
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Seraphina always laughs like this.
  • Non Standard Game Over: There are a total of five different times in the game where this can happen, titled "Humiliating Loss," "Usalia's Death," "Regrettable End," Successor Failure," and "Suicidal Decision":
    • "Humiliating Loss" if you lose to Red Magnus the first time you meet him. He runs off to face Void Dark on his own, but winds up missing, implying he either died to Void Dark or, knowing how Red Magnus is, he got lost trying to find him.
    • "Usalia's Death" happens if you attack and kill Usalia during your first encounter with her in her Cursed Berserker state. The spell she's under is lifted, but she dies in the process. Devastated that he couldn't save Usalia, Killia leaves the rebel army, and the rest of the army disbands soon after. And with nobody left to oppose him, Void Dark proceeds to conquer more and more Netherworlds.
    • "Regrettable End" happens if you lose to Majorita during your final fight with her. Christo gets a call from his Superior, who says that Armageddon has been launched. The monstrous weapon winds up reducing multiple Netherworlds to nothing. However, Void Dark manages to evade the attack and counterattacks Celestia without hesitation, igniting a war between angels and demons.
    • "Successor Failure" happens if you lose to Bloodis during your final fight with him. Basically, Bloodis reveals himself to that he's Goldion to Killia, but is disappointed that Killia's failed to master Ultimate Demon Skill, and defeats Killia and his entire team. Bloodis is then executed for his traitorous actions, and Void Dark goes on to conquer the rest of the Netherworlds.
    • Lastly, "Suicidal Decision" happens if you choose to "stay calm and think" during the final stage of the true final boss of the game, Liezerota Dark. Liezerota kills herself to destroy Void Dark's dark essence, ending the Demon Emperor's reign of terror once and for all, but leaving Killia ashamed that he couldn't save the woman he loved.
    • It should be noted that you need 50+ ally kills to get those last 3 endings.
  • Non-Standard Skill Learning: Units can gain Overloads or replace their existing Overloads with another in the passing Strategy Assembly bills.
  • Noodle Incident: One Nether News report is on an attempt to interview a Sea Angel that was canceled. All that's mentioned for the cause of cancellation is that a "grotesque sight" and her buccal cones were involved.
  • Not Quite Dead: Void and Goldion. Despite the both of them appearing to have died, they are inexplicably okay in the post-game and Came Back Strong; Void managed to master the Ultimate Demon Technique after Killia purged his dark heart from him, and Goldion was recruited by the Carnage Dimension and trained there.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: During the assault on Dark Demise in the final episode, reinforcements associated with several of the main characters show up: Usalia's Prinnies, Panchos and his comrades, and Seraphina's father. Then Void's 89th secretary pops in, in a panic over an angel invasion, and Christo's superior calls him to explain that the higher-ups of Celestia ordered the attack as a reward for Christo getting out of his haughty attitude. The invading angels and their carnage are never shown, leaving it up to the player to imagine just what they're doing to make Void's cronies collectively crap their pants.
  • One-Winged Angel: Several Overloads involves characters transforming into their most powerful form. Among these include Tyrant Revelio which turns Killia into Tyrant Overlord Killidia, Murmur of Rage which turns Usalia into Berserk Usalia, Volunteer Sauveur which turns Flonne into Pure Flonne, Tepes Nightmare which turns Valvatorez into Tyrant Valvatorez, and Severe Aeshma which turns Rozalin into Overlord Zenon. And then you have Super Olympia/Universe, which works the same way but which... just turns Red Magnus huge.
  • Optional Party Member: As per tradition you have to fight most of them first. Overlords Logan, Drumdawn, Brave and Erynder Z appear as parts of quests that open up during the main story. Asagi, Majorita, Void Dark and Goldion can be recruited in the post-game after certain bills are passed.
  • Out of Character: Men during the Next Episode segments tend to be depicted by Seraphina as blathering idiots who desperately vying for her affection. The main cast often comment on their depiction.
    Killia?: Ah, my lovely Seraphina! I will not allow anyone else to have you! Please marry me!
    Killia: ...Who's that?
    Red Magnus?: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on for one minute! Sera is mine! Red Magnus won't let anyone else super have her!
    Red Magnus: ...Who's that?
  • Peninsula of Power Leveling:
    • Sandcano Challenge Stage in the post-game. The map contains a large mass of Level 120 Gunners who only have 1 HP each. With some creative Bill passing, Cheat Shop manipulation, and Overloads that hit all enemies on the map, like Murmur of Rage or Comet Disaster, you can turn the stage into an EXP farm that nets you several hundred levels at a time. Once you're sufficiently powered, you can also buff the enemies to Level 670 with the Cheat Shop, which will make grinding that much faster. Alternatively, get Metallia and use her Overload, Greedy Mekhashefa, and turn the stage into a Prisoner farm for grinding your Squads.
    • For the same reason, the Asagi map in the postgame is even better once you're sufficiently levelled, as it features 100 enemies. Whether you decide to kill them or capture them for your Squads or collecting extract, it's an excellent map for grinding.
    • Once you open the Carnage Dimension, Item World turns into this. You can rapidly farm levels and Subclass EXP by cranking up the Enemy Strength to maximum Stars and delving into any Carnage Item and tossing a Geo Symbol onto an enemy or neutral unit to inflict a One-Hit Kill on the Symbol. You can grind just by dispatching a character and having it toss a Geo Symbol at a non-allied unit, then Mr. Gency out and repeat.
  • Picked Flowers Are Dead: During a Flashback Killia recalls when he picked a flower for Lieze. Lieze yelled at him saying that the flower was dead now. Killia then stopped time around it using his almia ice sculpture overload and asked if she was happy with that. Lieze was speechless at that and stormed off.
  • Planet Baron: Void Dark, the Big Bad, managed to gain control over 2/3 of all known Netherworlds through use of his 10 billion strong army, The Lost. What helped is that, much like Freeza, he is overwhelmingly powerful, and defeating him to bring the Lost to an end is the main story's goal.
  • Player Data Sharing: You can upload your Netherworld to the Netherworld Network, allowing a selection of 10 of your units to invade other players' Netherworlds during their Item World runs and your Netherworld to be discovered during other players' research. It doesn't seem to work on the Switch port, however.
  • Pocket Dimension: In this game, your base is the entire dimension, which apparently can also be "piloted" like a ship through the void.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Void Dark and Liezerota. Lieze is the gentle and compassionate older twin, while Void is the cold and ruthless younger twin.
  • Puni Plush: The cover art depicts everyone more chibified than they are in the game itself.
  • Ramming Always Works: When Seraphina tries to get the Rebel Army into Dark Demise, she fires a Wave-Motion Gun at the place. Bloodis simply deflects it. Her plan B is to simply ram the entire pocket Netherworld into the place, which succeeds.
  • Rebellious Princess: Seraphina runs away from home to avoid the Arranged Marriage between herself and Void Dark. She is also actively planning ways to kill Void Dark.
  • Revenge: This is a major theme. It's even in the game's English subtitle — Alliance of Vengeance.
    • The game's new mechanic Revenge Mode functions by empowering your unit with stat boosts whenever your allies get beat on.
  • Ring Out: Chapter 8 takes place on Dark Testament, a massive airborne fleet. Its Netherworld Effect allows you to throw units off the map, eliminating them from battle instantly. However, doing so deprives you of any rewards, much like throwing Prinnies to blow them and other enemies up.
  • Sad Battle Music: The boss fight of one chapter being against Usalia's zombiefied parents, the track "Silent Sadness", which is usually reserved for tear-jerking moments, plays on the corresponding map.
  • Secret Character: it's a Disgaea game, so naturally there's plenty. If you include the fact that you also have to unlock the DLC characters by beating their maps, then you have well over a dozen.
  • Serious Business:
    • When a plate of curry rice prepared by Killia gets stolen by a yellow Prinny, the other Prinnies suddenly become a lot more serious and competent. This in turn makes the other heroes think that since the rice managed to get Prinnies that fired up, it must be really good, so they make it their top mission to retrieve it; to Killia's dismay. And naturally, when the plate gets smashed, they go on a rampage.
    • Almaz and Sapphire's DLC scenario have them get into a huge enough argument to bring out their weapons... over food. Killia and the Prinnies who were caught in the crossfire are speechless.
  • Ship Tease:
    • There's a promo art that features Seraphina imagining herself getting married to Killia.
    • A number of Next Episode Preview Skits portray Killia and Seraphina as a couple.
    • Killia's relationship with Liezerota has shades of this. The game pretty much ends up favouring Lieze over Seraphina.
  • Shoot the Medic First: It's usually a good idea to go after Marjorita first when you have to fight her; if you kill too many of the fodder Units first and she enters Revenge, the fight can go downhill very quickly.
  • The Snack Is More Interesting: Killia has a habit of sitting down in the middle of a battlefield, eating. He does it to gather his strength before engaging in the fight, but he takes a moment to describe what he's eating to the point that it sounds more interesting than the rest of the shenanigans on screen.
  • Spanner in the Works: Marjorita's plans to sabotage the main characters would have gone off without a hitch, except she didn't take the concepts of love or friendship into account. Usalia's parent's overwhelming love for their daughter allow them to resist Marjorita's control and perform a Heroic Sacrifice, and when Usalia and Red Magnus fall under control of Marjorita's Overload, their powerful friendship prevents them from going at each other, giving Christo time to cure them.
  • Stealth Prequel: It's implied that Christo eventually becomes Seraph Lamington.
  • Stripperiffic: Killia and Seraphina wear very revealing outfits, as do a number of the generic hirelings, notably the Nine-Tails, the Nekomata, and the Succubus.
  • Super Mode: Revenge Mode. As a Unit deals or takes damage or its allied Units are defeated, the Unit builds a Revenge Meter to the left of their portrait, and when it fills up, the Unit enters Revenge Mode for three turns. While in Revenge Mode, a Unit gets a plethora of powerful boons, including 100% Critical Hit Rate, all SP costs reduced to 1, and, if the character is in possession of one, the ability to use an Overload Skill once per battle. Note that enemies can also enter Revenge Mode, but if you defeat an enemy Unit that's in Revenge, it will drop a Shard that can be used to boost your characters' stats.
  • Support Party Member: Apart from the story unique characters, they come in a few flavors.
    • First, you have your White Mage clerics and clergy, aka your basic healing units. Apart from healing they also have unique buffs that raise multiple stats at once.
    • Second, you've got the Professor. She doesn't learn much in the way of offensive abilities but receives double benefits from using support magics and all the class evilities work to either improve this angle or to allow her to keep pace by using exclusively support magic and no attacks at all.
    • Third, the Gunner and Archer classes surprisingly fall into this. Guns and bows have a bit of trouble keeping up damage wise because their skills have significantly weaker damage and the attack ranges can be difficult to take advantage of. However, Gunners ensure that all attacks after them will hit, even overriding things like Christo's Overload. Archers, meanwhile, will fire a support attack for every attack made in range. This allows you to build up huge combo damage potential even though their attacks are otherwise quite weak.
    • Fourth, the Maid class is crap at damage but specializes in using items. She can expand the range, use them on multiple people at once and use them once per turn as a free action. Further, she also has the highly valuable Afternoon Tea skill to allow a party member to take action a second time after attacking once.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Even though everyone finds out by the end of his Chapter, everyone in the main party continues to insist that Christo is not an angel. One of his own deployment lines added after his Mid-Season Upgrade even says this.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: The entire main cast hates Majorita, but even they feel bad for her after Void Dark kills her and reanimates her corpse with her own Overload Skill that he stole from her. The heroes only deem it appropriate to put an end to her suffering.
  • Trial Balloon Question: One of the skits has Christo asking what would happen if an angel were found in the Netherworld. The others agree along the lines of "super beating him half to death".
  • Undying Loyalty: The Toto Bunny Prinnies are some of the most loyal and competent Prinnies yet. The Toto Bunny Overlord considers them as part of the family and, in turn, they are willing to do everything support and serve the royal family. Their introductory episode has one somehow infiltrate the pocket Netherworld to steal curry in spite of the presence of Overlords and regularly surprises its foes with various abilities. This carries over to the generic Rabbits you can recruit into your army; their extended class description states that they all come from Toto Bunny, and all of their personality types give them lines about swearing to protect their masters.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: This game's version of Chara World is a board game rather than the usual strategy RPG format.
  • Unknown Rematch Conclusion: The ending has Red Magnus challenging Killia to a duel for the right to call himself the strongest Overlord, like he had attempted to do in the first chapter. The ending goes on to say that the outcome of their duel was lost to time. Subverted in the post-game—Killia had let Red Magnus win, reasoning that after all his Character Development in becoming a better leader to Scorching Flame and rebuilding it and the other Netherworlds, Red Magnus had earned that title. Presumably, Red Magnus chose not to say anything about his victory out of respect for his friend/rival.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: One of the skills you can unlock in the pocket Netherworld is punching the crap out of people. It serves no purpose other than obtaining a trophy, catharsis towards characters you don't like, or generally being a dick. If you punch a non-facility character too many times, they will stop talking to you.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Killia and Red Magnus.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Seraphina shoots Dark Demise with one to blow up the mooks on the ground. Unfortunately for everyone, Bloodis simply blocks it, so Seraphina is forced to ram the Netherworld directly to get in.
  • What the Hell, Player?: If you hit a character in the Pocket Netherworld too many times, all of their dialogue will be replaced with "..." until you go do battle and then come back. Thankfully, this doesn't apply to "Facility" NPCs (ones that provide functions such as shops and going to the Item World), as you could easily create an Unwinnable by Design situation otherwise.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The game's ending, which talks about where everyone went after the events of the game.
    • Red Magnus helps rebuild the Netherworlds devastated by the Lost, and unites them into the new Super Scorching Flame. He would later go down in history as a great and powerful Overlord.
    • Seraphina eventually restores Gorgeous's great wealth, and is said to have continued to pursue Killia's heart despite being approached by countless suitors. It's unknown if she ever married.
    • Usalia rebuilds Toto Bunny, and under her rule, Toto Bunny becomes a utopia for demons.
    • Zeroken creates a dojo to pass down the Ultimate Demon Technique, named "Goldion's Dojo".
    • Christo eventually ascends to the rank of Seraph, and his name would later become known all over for his involvement in a great event between the Three Worlds.
    • Killia spends the rest of his life together with Lieze.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: The Ultimate Demon Technique school of martial arts runs on this principle, utilizing the energy that's created when a demon achieves a pure heart despite being Made of Evil. Most of the school's moves can be used to a lesser degree without a pure heart, but the Final Skill requires it to function at all.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Void Dark does this to Marjorita, once he steals her Overload Skill. Marjorita quickly deduces that she was used and that Void Dark lied to her to meet his own ends, which she doesn't take well.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: The most basic effect of the Dark Assembly squad is to allow its members to attend the Dark Assembly (where attendees vote on your bills.) Making its members actually vote "aye" on your bills, on the other hand, is the very last thing unlocked by upgrading it.
  • Your Size May Vary: In the main story, the magical spears that Void Dark uses to suck magical energy from some of the Netherworlds are absolutely massive in size and completely dwarf the heroes. Once he's recruited in the post-game, Void gives Killia one of the now-powerless spears as a usable weapon, but it is inexplicably much smaller than the ones seen in the story.

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