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Diluvion is an underwater exploration game, developed by the creators of Ballpoint Universe Infinite Arachnid Games, funded on Kickstarter in 2015 and released in 2017 for the PC.

It is set in the world where The Great Flood had overwhelmed the landmasses, and the entire surface of the planet is covered by a thick layer of ice. The survivors now only hold on to a few underwater bases, but there are rumours of the ancient technology that could potentially reverse the humanity's fortunes. Unfortunately, the only place where it might be found is inside the Endless Corridor, which is the deepest, darkest and most dangerous section of the ocean, and so far nobody who has ventured there had ever returned. It's Up to You to be the first...once you manage to first ground yourself in the world, build up your own base and rise up the submarine food chain that is - the lesser craft simply isn't going to survive the pressure of the Endless Corridor's depths....

September 2018 saw the release of Diluvion: Resubmerged, which featured a range of graphical and UI improvements, new quests and a reworked salvaging system, which now includes turn-based combat encounters inside the wrecks.


Tropes present in Diluvion:

  • After the End: The vast majority of humanity drowned in The Great Flood, and there are only scattered remnants deep underwater.
  • Beautiful Void: Much of the ocean is ultimately this, as you can spend a while encountering only the various aquatic creatures and long-abandoned ships, houses and other wrecks, many illuminated by the bioluminescent flora. Of course, gazing at all this too much risks depleting either the food or the air supplies...
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: You can encounter enormous underwater crabs and spiders as bosses.
  • Checkpoint Starvation: The only way to save is by swimming through schools of bright blue fish, which are generally only found near landmarks.
  • Dialogue Tree: The way you converse with the people aboard the ship.
  • Fetch Quest: The most common quest type in the original build. Resubmerged somewhat addresses this situation.
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  • Magnetic Weapons: Railguns are present and accounted for.
  • Menu Time Lockout: Downplayed; entering the 2D ship management mode that effectively serves as the ship's inventory window only slows time down, like in The Matrix or Of Orcs and Men, and doesn't stop it outright.
  • Obvious Beta: The game suffered from a pretty bugged launch. In particular, crewmembers often used to forget the phrases they've already said, or could even vanish from the ship outright.
  • Oxygen Meter: Here, its size is dependent on the number of oxygen tanks you'll manage to squeeze onto the sub.
  • RPG Elements: Crew members have four stats: Endurance, Intelligence, Perception and Strength.
  • Teleporting Keycard Squad: Pirates have a tendency to appear almost as soon as you begin salvaging something.
  • This Is a Drill: There are ships whose only offensive equipment is a drill, like Icer guilds' Glaciem VI, where it also doubles as their propeller.
  • Under the Sea: Where the entire game takes place.


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