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The start menu of the game, giving the idea of an old silent movie.

Die Reise ins All is a free German Steampunk game made in RPG Maker. Its title translates to The Journey to Space, and it is set in our world at the end of the 19th century. The game was influenced by the works of Verne, Doyle, and Wells, with a crazy inventor, giant canons to travel to Mars and an invasion from the later.

The player will play partly only with one or two heroes but will collect a group of four people over time. In the end, these are:

  • Lieutenant von Mackwitz: a German (Prussian) trooper, not the brightest bulb in the box, but with a lot of national pride and love for big guns.
  • Professor Heisen: The mad scientist of the story, discovers an ancient power source, that seems to come from Mars and is eager to travel there.
  • Fräulein Eleonore: A journalist, willingly to fight against the military's attempts to use Heisen's inventions as weapons. Being much smarter than Mackwitz and on the opposite ends of the politic table, they fight a lot at the start of the game. But it gets better.
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  • Frankenstein's monster

Tropes present in this game:

  • Adaptational Villainy: When the heroes meet Sherlock Holmes, he seems to be the nice guy, just like he used to be. Soon later it's revealed that he is, in fact, evil. Not only that, Holmes was only an invention and masquerade of Moriarty. And that he had been Holmes all along.
  • Alien Invasion: There's one from Mars.
  • Character Development: Von Mackwitz goes through some impressive development. In the beginning, he blindly obeys every single order he is given and thus acts without questioning his superiors. When they return to Earth and his superior, von Schleicher, who defected to the enemy gives him the order to arrest his friends, he needs all his willpower to disobeys the order but finally manages it to refuse to do this. When he and his friends arrive in wild west of the USA, and they free the black slave Jim (yes, Huck Finns friend), who was captured by the Klu Klux Clan just by being ordered to follow them, which he as a slave obeyed to, Mackwitz gives him the advice not to follow every order without question. But of course only in really important cases.
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  • Demonic Possession Happens with Professor Heisen and some kind of evil ghost from Mars.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: Professor Moriarty.
  • Evil All Along: See Adaptational Villainy above.
  • Gentle Giant: Frankenstein's Monster and, at some points, von Mackwitz.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: At the end of the game von Mackwitz did his best, preventing the giant alien machine from exploding, to let his friends escape. Then the explosion follows, the game cuts black and jumps to the big parade to his honour.
    • In fact, it's only played with: The game let the player think that von Mackwitz died. Eleonore even said, she wished he could see that now - just when suddenly von Mackwitz finally arrived, who had survived after all and couldn't just come in the first place for a completely different reason.
  • Mental World: At two points of the story the heroes end up in Martian mind traps which makes each one experience an individual dream world. The first time those are ideal dreams, the second time nightmares.
  • Nested Story: At one point von Mackwitz needs to spend some time and can decide to read a book, picking up Treasure Island. The game will then switch into the story, playing as Jim Hawking and can either play the full story of the book or quit it whenever he wants to. There's only one point in the game, where he could do this, so the player will miss some nice part of the game and bonus points if he quits it early.
  • Powers via Possession: Works like this with Professor Heisen. Being possessed by an evil ghost from Mars, gave him a lot of powers. Some people would wonder, where got them, but it will take a long time, to figure it out.
  • The Quiet One: Frankenstein's Monster, especially the first time after it joins the group.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The main story resembles mostly the stories of the novels From the Earth to the Moon, and The War of the Worlds, but contains a lot more references.
    • One of the main antagonist is Professor Moriarty.
    • While visiting the opera Eleonore is kidnapped by a masked man, living in the building
    • In an early point of the game, you take the Orient Express to Transylvania. There you meet Alfred Nobel, Captain Nemo, Captain Ahab, as well as Holmes and Watson. You would help the last two solving a murder on the train.
    • In an early chapter, the group of heroes travels to Transylvania. There they meet Doktor Frankenstein, complete with his monster (which becomes the fourth group member) and his assistant Igor, find the cave of Count Dracula/Vlad Tepes and meet a wolfman who later turns out to be Kaspar Hauser
    • On the way back from Mars, the heroes crash and end in a jungle filled with dinosaurs and long-gone creatures. Heisen quickly notices that and Professor Challenger's theorie must be right.
      • Though, later they encounter frog- and snake-people and it turns out, that they didn't crash on earth, as expected, but on Venus. This could be a reference to the German pulp magazine series Perry Rhodan, where the Venus contains dinosaurs and snakes, too.
    • When traveling to the Wild West to gather reinforcements, they need to find exactly seven heroes.
  • The Smart Guy: Professor Heisen mostly. Even if everybody seems pretty smart compared to von Mackwitz.
  • Story Branching: At a late point in the game, after the Martians started her world invasion you have to choose. Do you want to find some people in the Wild West, to recruit them for your army? Or do you try to stop the Martians army marching into India?
  • Zeppelins from Another World: There's the Meteor, Captain Nemo's airship, that looks a lot like an airship version of the Nautilus.


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