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DERE.EXE: The First Fear is a thriller platform game created by AppSir, Inc. It is actually the third in a series of games, and while experience with prior titles is not necessary, there is a set order of events:

  • Sorority Rites, a kinetic Visual Novel about a transfer student undertaking a sorority initiation that quickly goes wrong.
  • The Last Yandere, a Visual Novel about a cancer patient befriending a woman named Kara Gentner, who is suspected to be a tad psychotic.
  • DERE.EXE: The First Fear, a platform game that starts out seeming normal, until something within the programming attempts to be released.
  • DERE EVIL.EXE, a Steam sequel (which includes the previous game as free DLC).
  • The Other Yandere, a short Visual Novel that is currently only available as a demo for Sega Megadrive emulators. AppSir, Inc. claims it was going to be their first product, and to have originally planned for a December 1999 release...despite the company itself not existing before 2017.
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  • DERE VENGEANCE, a third platformer announced in early August 2018, in which the in-story developer of previous DERE.EXE titles seeks his revenge.
  • Artificial Iridescence, a kinetic Visual Novel about a recently married couple who suddenly get caught up in events outside their control.


  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: As progress is made in DERE EVIL.EXE, A.I.D.E. becomes a tad...odd. This is because the developer repurposed the remains of Kara's data.
    "After this game, I want to be in the outside world with you. We will be able to enjoy human activities like eating and breathing, together."
  • Artificial Human: The Yanderes created by Dr. Rotschstein, including Kara and Kia.
  • As Himself: Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero, credited as the main developer on store pages, is the Dev that the player interacts with in the DERE.EXE games.
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  • The Berserker: Kara, who destroyed an entire town before the events of DERE.EXE.
  • Bigger Bad: Dr. Rotschstein, Lilith, and Bijuu believe themselves to be descendants of the aliens whose technology they use, as well as various influential leaders, and plan to control the world after reducing its population.
  • Brain Uploading: In The Last Yandere, the Kara that the player interacts with is actually a digital copy stuck in their head.
    • A copy of Kara's mind is trapped within DERE.EXE.
    • DERE EVIL.EXE has a girl named Yanna within it. And the developer is attempting to bring back Myles Stone, one of Kara's victims, with the game.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In DERE EVIL.EXE; see Game Within a Game.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Kara Gentner in DERE.EXE wants to be set free by beating the game, though her bad memories manifest as obstacles. Yanna Curtis in DERE EVIL.EXE wants the player to stop playing the game and willingly creates obstacles, because she and Myles Stone don't want to take someone's life in exchange for reviving Myles as the Dev plans to do.
  • Eyeless Face: In DERE EVIL.EXE, Yanna Curtis interferes with the player as a 3D model with black gunk where her eyes should be.
  • Fission Mailed: Both EXE games feature fake glitches and game crashes right before quick scares and/or a major change in gameplay.
  • Fun with Acronyms: DERE EVIL.EXE has A.I.D.E., or "Artificial Intelligence for Dere.Exe", which is meant to aid the player.
    • DERE VENGEANCE will have A.I.D.E.N., a "New" version of A.I.D.E.
  • Game Within a Game: DERE EVIL.EXE attempts to give the player access to two bonus games early on, "Dere Quest" and "Derendid", but they both crash thanks to Yanna. The rest of the experience takes place in a version of DERE EVIL.EXE inside the bonus games, so that the actual Yanna and Myles can't be messed with by the Dev. Yanna and Myles are even listed in the credits, under "Game Within A Game Within A Game Within A Game By".
  • Human Weapon: Kara and Kia were artificially created to be Yandere for their destructive potential, ability to blend in with regular humans, and complete loyalty to a "Sempai".
  • Imported Alien Phlebotinum: Used to artificially create Yanderes, as well as store complete digital copies of people's consciousness.
  • Jump Scare: Used in the EXE games.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Rotschstein, Lilith, and Bijuu, who created artificial Yandere.
  • Meaningful Name: The player's avatar in DERE EVIL.EXE is deemed "Knightly" by the Dev. The Dev's entire motivation is "white knighting" Myles, thinking his solution to her problem is a just cause regardless of any evidence to the contrary, including Myles' own words.
  • Mirror Boss: In DERE EVIL.EXE, one of the final obstacles Yanna creates is a copy of the player with inverted colors, who reflects all their left and right movements, and will cause damage if touched; it can be passed by guiding it into an enemy blocking the path forward that would damage the player.
  • Multiple Endings: DERE EVIL.EXE has two, depending on whether or not the player tries to go through with the Dev's plan.
    • Bad End: The player deletes Yanna under the Dev's orders. Myles, who doesn't want to be revived at the cost of someone else's life, deletes herself.
    • Golden Ending: The player defies the Dev and chooses to restore Yanna. The Dev says that they'll get revenge on the player and leave, while Yanna and Myles thank the player. They also reveal that most of the experience was a Game Within a Game, and would have deleted mere avatars of themselves in the other ending to fool the Dev and player into leaving them alone.
  • Nuns Are Spooky: The later sections of DERE.EXE feature nuns without faces as an enemy type. This is likely a connection to Kara being raised in a facility disguised as a church dormitory.
  • The Stinger: At the end of the credits of DERE EVIL.EXE, there is a brief flash of a restored digital Kara wondering where she is.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: In the last area of DERE.EXE, the featureless black box player character is the disguised digital remnant of Kara Gentner's mind, rather than someone being antagonized by her.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: DERE.EXE starts as an endless runner before enough diamonds are collected to reach the main, platforming section of the game.
    • A section in DERE EVIL.EXE has the player slide around with the mouse instead of regular platforming.
  • The Un Favourite: In The Other Yandere, Kia is this, as Kara Gentner is considered by Dr. Rotschstein to be their ultimate creation.
  • Unwanted Revival: In DERE EVIL.EXE, Myles refuses the Dev's plan of bringing her back, knowing that a life would have to be taken for her to be revived, and that the father that mourned her will be able to move on..
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: In the latter half of DERE EVIL.EXE, the Dev deletes A.I.D.E. when Kara's personality starts reemerging, and warning the player about the Dev's true intentions.
  • Yandere: Recurring character Kara Gentner. Also, Kia in The Other Yandere.

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