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A game that you won't forget so easily

It's December 2067, Earth has Took a Level in Badass. A nearby planet, Xonader, is the biggest name in creating dangerous and powerful Thinking Weapons. During a travel, an engine failure caused a Death Cargo to land on Earth, sending the Thinking Weapons it carried all over the world. Worried, Xonader sends a new Death Cargo to get the Weapons back and to shed some light on the cause of the last one's crash. There's just one problem.The thinking weapons are alive, awake, and active... and they have no intent of leaving...

Still reading? Good.

Here's the Crew:

  • Plasma: The New Commander of the Death Cargos. A Ripoff of K, Plasma's mission is hard, but with its high-speed moves, it's hardly a K Imposer.
  • Ivan Jackson: Crystal: A Settler who's imprisoned... until a Thinking Weapon comes from the ceiling of his cell and grants him a chance of getting back his innocence.
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  • Miguel Peres: Toxic: A toxic waste plant worker. When he sees and is nearly killed by the crashed Death Cargo, he vows to destroy all Thinking Weapons...
  • Protein X: a 5th-Category parasite that looks like a baby just popped its face in a soldier in the jungle.
  • Tiksa Mihasha: Nova: The CEO of Hankei. When she tested the Nova Eradicator, things did not turn out as she thought.
  • Yuni Mihasha: Amaz-1-Ng: One of Hankei's members. When Yuni tested the Amaz-1-ng thinking weapon on his partner...well it's wise to know that some things are better off untested...and asleep.
  • Agent Malcolm Stainer: The leader of the FBI mission known as black ray in order to stop Hankei. With the Mag-GUN at his side..."Hankei will soon understand what challenging the FBI means, they will feel the effect of this gun in their skin...and at that point, no one will discredit his skills"
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  • Squalo: A warrior from Xonader who has emotion and powers over time. His motives after the Death Cargo Crash remains unknown.
  • Morbo: A black liquid which seeks complete dehydration of its location. It takes over a oil worker for combat.
  • Silent: A corpse from a Russian encounter re-animated with the Puppet Master.
  • Leach: A Powerhouse Virus that took over a farmer.
  • Aracno: A monstrous spider in the form of a hot woman, seeking for someone...

Giving a 80s-90s feel, Death Cargo was officially released in March 2014 (although reports are varied as to whether or not an official release has actually been made), and grants a blood-stained good time. Fighting in the classic 2D Gameplay/3D Graphics, Death Cargo doesn't hold any punches. It is produced by the Italian independent company Necrostorm, which also produced the movies Adam Chaplin and Taeter City.

In June 2015, an Updated Re-release has been announced: the game's title will be changed to Gorebreaker, promising to be all that Death Cargo wasn't. Owners of the original will still receive it and any future DLC for free.

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