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DayHard (Not the film) is a comedy oriented Half-Life 2 mod by MODDB user ItsyaBoiiJoey. It stars Gordon Freemans’ brother, Morgan Freeman (Not that one) who would not be out of place in a Tarantino film. Morgan and his friend Jack start the game making a daring escape from a combine raid on their apartment building, and it only gets crazier from there. It takes place in an apparent alternate universe from the main Half Life 2 story. In Day Hard's version of TheVerse, The Combine discovered on arrival that Earth wasn't a weak planet that would fall in a single day, but rather an over-the-top, World of Badass and ham fueled by action films and more than ready to stand its ground. Gordon is (as far as we can tell) still in stasis, and City 17 has yet to be founded, so one can consider Day Hard as an absurdly non-canon prequel.


Morgan is not silent during gameplay, setting him apart from most Source Mod characters, and his voice actor is okay enough that the result is good instead of cringe worthy.

The gameplay is typical Source engine with some changes. The world map is metroidvania-esque, with common locations visited several times and some backtracking required. Powerups appear randomly during combat, and there's an aspect of strategy to their use. With nearly every fight an ambush tipped against the player and every weapon doing massive damage, survival now hinges on how quickly and creatively you can end a fight. Some areas are straight up Nintendo Hard.

The universe runs of Rule of Cool, so action movie locales like hotels, nightclubs, bars and more are still running and full of patrons even as striders walk the streets and drop ships fly overhead. And rather than terror inducing multidimensional eldritch conquerors, the combine are played for laughs here, dancing in nightclubs, drinking in bars, and generally not acting like the usual ultra-space-Nazi's that we saw in the future.


Dayhard is tacky, but its fun tacky.

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