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"Ding! Falsen's crispy toes pop out of the toaster. Wait...what?
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Dark Scavenger is a point 'n click, sometimes first-person, sometimes top-down RPG with turn based combat developed and published by Psydra Games in 2014. It's weird.

It begins when you're drifting aimlessly through space (for some reason), and suddenly a giant, alien, extra-dimensional blob-thing comes and beats the daylights out of you. You wake up in a ship surrounded by three aliens; Kamaho, a polite skeleton man, Falsen, a green-skinned businessman, and Gazer, a large creature with sleek black skin and no mouth. They explain that they've detected a large source of power on the planet below, and they need your help to find it so they can fuel their ship. However, you soon realize there's more to what's happening then you first thought...


Dark Scavenger contains examples of:

  • Adventure Game: Mixed with Strategy RPG.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The game starts off with a dark and surreal sense of humor, but it never becomes downright disturbing. Later on in the game it becomes much darker. The creator, Alex Gold, has cited Earthbound as a main inspiration for the game, which would be a good explanation.
  • First-Person Perspective: Most of the game is presented in a top down view of the room you're in, but when you're in small rooms like the ship, the view is first person.
  • Featureless Protagonist: The player character is never really described in detail.
  • Last-Second Ending Choice: You can choose whether to go ahead with the final boss fight, or to just go back to the ship.
  • Lovecraft Lite: The game has themes of ancient beings that want to harvest a planet's life to feed themselves, and an experiment gone wrong that wants to devour the universe. You can still shoot them in the face, though.
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  • Multiple Endings: Via Last Second Ending Choice.
  • No Name Given: Everyone refers to you as simply "Dark Scavenger".
  • Point-and-Click Game: How the game is played.
  • Planetary Romance: The game takes place on one planet, and description is given to it's different species and cultures.
  • Strategy RPG: Mixed with Adventure Game.
  • Top-Down View: How most of the game is presented.
  • Turn-Based Combat: How fighting works.

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