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DYSNOMIA is an all-Robot Girl Third-Person Shooter doujin game by 2CCP. For those into cute and sexy robot girls armed to the teeth with all sorts of weapons, then this is the game for you!

During its initial release on December of 2008, there wasn't much other than a small handful of Armed Dolls to play around with, although each girl was given different weapon "Types" to compensate for the small roster of characters. It had an Arcade Mode and an online Network Mode to battle other players over the internet. Over the course of time, the game received update patches to fix bugs in the game and refine the gameplay mechanics. This eventually led to the game getting an enhanced version of the game in the form of DYSNOMIA Exburst, which adds everything expected from a Mission-Pack Sequel except the patches to upgrade the base game to DYSNOMIA Exburst are available from the developers' website free of charge for those who bought the original pressing of the game (versions between v1.00 to v1.09). DYSNOMIA Exburst adds a new Story Mode, more playable characters, a re-tooled HUD, and other added features.


So far, there has been no word of an English-translation for the game.

Not to be confused with the Xbox LIVE Indie Games title with the same name.

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