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"Criminal Case: City of Romance", released in 2020, is the eight installment of the Criminal Case series.

The final season of the series, the player joins the Parisian Police Squad to solve crime around Paris, the titular city of romance. The region features six districts based around romantic themes - Fantasy, Attraction, Obsession, Jealousy, Separation, and Engagement.


  • Aborted Arc: Lea Bonnet, the beat cop, was likely intended to have some sort of storyline arc, given that she's an Expy of Season 5's beat cop Mia Loukas. Unfortunately, due to the season being cut short, she is simply a minor character.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing: Hugo and many of the PPD members are quite happy to learn that their enemy, Antoine Macaron is dead, but that doesn't relinquish them of their duties to investigate the murder and arrest the perpetrator.
  • Back for the Dead:
    • Jackson Peacock, a suspect form the first case of The Conspiracy is the victim of Case 7.
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    • Willem Nieuwoudt returns as mentioned in The Bus Came Back and is later murdered in Case 15.
  • The Bus Came Back: Several characters from The Conspiracy have made surprise returns.
    • Martine Meunier makes a return in Case 2 as a suspect.
    • Several other suspects from Season 5, including Harper Stone and Tamu Wanjiku, and Charity and Mercy from Season 7 return as suspects in cases.
    • Jackson Peacock from the first case of The Conspiracy came back as a victim in case 7.
    • Willem Nieuwoudt makes a return as a Quasi-suepect in Case 9, even bringing a call back of the events in Season 3.
    • David Jones makes a return in case 13 as a suspect.
    • Jean Connerie from Season 3 reappears in flashback footage in case 15.
    • In the finale, Amy, Jack, Amir, Jasper, Gwen and Pierce all make a return to thank you for all the memories they shared with you.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Charity and Mercy state that their new job beats living in the asylum from Case 9 in Supernatural Investigations.
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    • Jones references the plot of The Conspiracy by mentioning the demon fish and Ad Astra, as well as his late girlfriend Zoe. He also maintains the eye patch he gained in the final case.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Howard Stacy fits this role as he undergoes some pretty shady dealings in order to keep his company alive. He even resorts to murder in order to protect his company, which becomes his undoing.
  • Dating Service Disaster: Luvver, a Fictional Counterpart to Tinder starts off having an extremely addictive hearts feature. It turns out that Luvver's sociologist had not only designed the feature, but had also rigged the algorithms to set attractive people up for failure out of spite. And right after the team convince the founder to remove the hearts feature, they discover that Luvver has hacked phones and established fake profiles of various people.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Melodie Laurence has always been unable to get a successful date with any man or woman she meets. As a result, she forms a disdain towards attractive people, causing a serious Sanity Slippage and desire to make their lives as miserable as possible by generating a dating app that matches people with someone incompatible with them.
  • Eye Scream: Chidi Udoka from Case 9 dies like this when he is stabbed through the eye with a broken champagne flute.
  • I Have No Son!: What the motive for Case 9 boils down to. Kasongo Badu learns that Chidi Udoka is his father and wants to connect with him. However, Chidi rejects him as his son purely because he is gay. When he hears this, Kasongo snaps and stabs him in the eye with a champagne flute.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Noemie Leprince is full of genuine regret when she learns that she murdered Celeste, only thinking the pill ahe slipped would make her sick. Despite her not guilty pleas that it was Antonie who blackmailed her into doing it, it doesn't save her from going to jail and her career ending anyway.
  • My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels: In the beginning chapter 2, Carrie talks about her failed attempt at speaking French. Her "Merci beaucoup" ended up coming out as "Mur-see boe-koo" which means "nice butt".
  • Pet Heir: Famous fashion designer Charles Pilsnerfeld loves his cat Chouquette so much that he intends to leave his entire company to his cat. This led to him being murdered by his long-time business collaborator, who wanted to inherit the company. Although, unfortunately for Simone, Charles has already revised his will to leave his fortune to his cat before she completed the deed.
  • "Pop!" Goes the Human: Céleste Alouest's murder involves her stomach exploding, much to everyone's horror.
  • Outranking Your Job: For some reason, the PPD's High Commissioner also serves as a Profiler (typically a distinct role in the previous teams), while the Chief of Police (who is the High Commissioner's son) can also perform analyses on clues found in the crime scenes. Both have been directly involved in field investigations on certain occasions, which is certainly beneath their pay grade. Lampshaded by Macaron when he encounters Gauthier in the first AI while the latter is helping Carrie look for her missing brother.
    Antoine Macaron: "Is that really you, Chief Delacroix? I thought you were too high and mighty these days to be treading the streets like a beat cop!"
  • True Companions: Everyone in the Parisian Police Squad are all really close and supportive of each other through the season and constantly refer to each other as a family. They even welcome Carrie and the player to their family after they join and successfully solve their first case. They are also welcoming of David Jones when he makes his first appearance in the season.
  • Wrap It Up: Due to the financial troubles Pretty Simple face during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the developers decide to end the series, and the planned 30 cases of the 8th (and now final) season is cut down to just 17, with the last four districts of the city only given 1-2 cases instead of the usual 5.

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