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Video Game / Crayon Shin Chan DS Arashiwo Yobu Nutte Crayoon Daisakusen

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Crayon Shin-Chan DS: Arashi wo Yobu Nutte Crayoon Daisakusen! is the first videogame of the franchise Crayon Shin-chan co-developed by Banpresto and Inti Creates for the console Nintendo DS. After having his dream stolen from a dream eater named T.A.B, Shin chan will have to rescue all the dreams.

This game provides examples of:

  • Boxing Kangaroo: One of Shin's suits allows him to transform into one who can run fast and punch hard
  • Cinderella Plot: One of the candy world's levels involves helping Hiroshi, who is cinderella in his dream, to clean the house, make him a dress and escape the palace before midnight undoes the magic dress.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Enforced. The majority of the puzzles of this game involve coloring a zone with a specific color to advance.
  • Downer Ending: In Cinderella's dream, instead of getting married, she ends up being arrested due to her shoe intoxicating the palace with its awful odor
  • Dream Episode: Through the game, shin chan travels to various dreamy scenarios.
  • Dream Stealer: At the beginning of the game, T.A.B steals every dream from Kasukabe.
  • Dream Walker: In order to save Kasukabe, Shin-chan is forced to become one, with the guide of Dali, Mone, Mane and T.A.B
  • Eternal Engine: Instead of a house made of chocolate, the witch in Hansel and Gretel has a sweet factory.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: The entire game happens during one night.
  • Fractured Fairy Tale: The dreams of the residents of Kasukabe are parodies of popular fairytales such as Aladdin or Cinderella, and Japanese folk.
  • Humongous Mecha: Shinnosuke faces one as the final boss of the game
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Disappointed with the look of the last boss, Dali changes the dream of Shin-Chan transforms the last boss to make it look even creepier, making the nightmare worse and being unable to fix it due to only being capable of altering a dream per night.
  • Oxygen Meter: Shinnosuke can stay for a while underwater before taking damage from the lack of oxygen, except when he's wearing his Namazu costume, which allows him to breathe underwater forever.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: The Namazu costume allows shin-chan to breathe underwater without taking damage from drowning.
  • Shock and Awe: Both shin's namazu and Action Mask costumes can damage enemies with electricity.
  • Tanuki: There is one who serves as a boss in the hare vs turtle chapter.
  • Timed Mission: In the last level of Cinderella, you must help Cinderella exit the castle before she turns back into her poor clothes. Failing to do that results in immediate loss.
  • Unnecessarily Creepy Robot: The final boss, courtesy of Dali.