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CompactO is an Idle Game by Crypto Grounds for computers running Windows and smartphones running Android released in 2021. You buy squares on a board to produce money. Once you have enough money, you can unlock shapes on a 3D realm to produce more of it on different planes. Once you progress far enough, you can earn cubes and shrink them to further boost production, buy upgrades, and potentially go even farther.

This game provides examples of:

  • Achievement System: There's an in-game achievements tab which are also used for Steam achievements.
  • A.I.-Generated Economy: Autobuyers for squares, resetters, and other systems are unlocked by getting XP/Shrinkinator upgrades.
  • Challenge Run:
    • Starting a Fractal makes the game turn off some kind of tool (Color Change, Skilling) while increasing XP to provide a universal multiplier and giving a cube gain boost once you leave the fractal.
    • Entering the Addition Realm makes your squares add to money gain instead of multiplying them. It also turns off bonuses from Skilling and Fractals.
  • Color-Coded Item Tiers: Every cube type has a different color to help differentiate them.
  • Cooldown: The Prestige system in Mega Lands can only be used once every 10 minutes, to prevent you from gaining Skilling XP too quickly, though it turns almost useless once you can access Fractals and the Addition Realm.
  • Export Save: You can press a button to copy the 50KB+ save and paste it into the game.
  • Factor Breakdown: Once you unlock the Mega Lands, there's a Stats tab where you can check the money multipliers that come from squares, mega squares, Shrinkenators, Skillings, Fractals, and the Lab.
  • Gold Makes Everything Shiny: Late in the game, you unlock the ability for the Shrinkinator that lets it produce Golden Cubes which provide a much larger multiplier to $/s than normal microcubes.
  • New Game Plus:
    • Every Resetter causes what the name implies for some kind of multiplier to money production. You can eventually get upgrades to make them no longer reset things.
    • Once you have all tetrahedron planes, you can infuse to gain cubes to produce microcubes which can be spent on upgrades on high-tier cubes that produce lower-tier ones.
  • No Fair Cheating: Achievements are disabled if you use in-game modding options, no matter if it's to make it easier or harder.
  • Point of No Return: Once you unlock the Mega Lands, certain previous systems like planes and XP are disabled, making it impossible to return to them without starting a new save. Luckily, the highest XP level needed for an achievement is 25, which should be reachable before this point, but getting the "Too many" achievement for 10000 squares can be missed and is practically impossible in Mega Lands (the increasing costs make it so you'd need more than e32000$ to buy it).
  • Skill Point Reset: You can push a button to reset all XP upgrades for a plane to get points spent on them back while also resetting squares.