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Video Game / City-State

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Citystate is a Simulation Game created by Andy Sztark in the same vein as Sim City 2000. In it, you build and control a regular city much akin to other city building games, but with a twist; you control all of the government policies as one would in an actual City-State, ranging from an oppressive dictatorship to complete anarchy.

The developer is working on free updates to the game, with 6 sizable updates adding new mechanics and buildings, as well as of quality of life fixes.

Tropes in Citystate:

  • A.I.-Generated Economy: The computer will attempt to respond to certain market forces and policies (or lack thereof) that you implement. An example of this is that having no affordable, low-cost housing will result in working class citizens building their own shacks. They also decide what exactly gets built in areas you do designate for commercial, industrial, or residential use, though the player is free to pump money into them to encourage growth directly.
  • Arcology: One of the higher tier rewards is the ability to produce these, housing larger amounts of people in the increasingly little real estate you'll have available.