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...Do you want to be transfured?note 
Changed is a Adventure Game developed and produced by DragonShow for Steam. It was released on April 4, 2018.

You play as Lin, a boy who finds himself inside a strange room in a laboratory tower, alone and barely clothed. In order to find answers as to why you ended up there, you have to explore the abandoned building, while avoiding bizarre creatures that attempt to "plunder" or "transfur" you. If captured, he will be assimilated and turned into one of them and potentially lose his sense of self in the process. Can you make it back to the outside world? And will you still be "you" when you get there? And what happened to the world while you were asleep? Also, who is the strange black wolf with a white mask that seems to be aiding you from afar?


This game presents examples of the following tropes:

  • Adorkable: Puro dotes on Lin quite a bit, being fond of humans after spending an unknown amount of time reading about them. His awkward attempts to help Lin escape and his interactions with Lin help make him quite endearing both to Lin and the player.
  • Apocalypse How: Doctor K reveals that the world was devastated by a virus, forcing humanity to go into cryo-stasis in attempts to wait for it to die out, leaving the world in ruins in their absence, while those who remained active were either assimilated by the "Transfurs" or, in Doctor K's case, were transfurred willingly to immunize themselves to the virus.
  • Arc Words: Changed. Also serving as a Title Drop, this concept and phrase is prevalent through the game, reflecting Lin attempting to avoid being changed by the Transfurs, how Puro changed his mind about just helping Lin from afar and making him his host, and Dr K and notes from other scientists lamenting that nothing may have changed in regards to the state of the world.
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  • Assimilation Plot: This is pretty much the core concept of the game. All enemies in this game attempt to turn you into one of them through various means, either through absorption or such, and come with varying levels of mental alterations.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Lin get's turned into numerous different species depending on what captures him with varying levels of brainwashing added in.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Whenever it's not a downright Downer Ending, Lin is forced to make some sort of sacrifice regardless. The True Ending (Can't Decide) is the only ending having any sense of happiness to it, and even then, Lin has to give up his humanity in order to make it happen, and him and Puro are still mostly alone in the ruins of the world while the rest of humanity is still in cryosleep.
    • Betrayal- Puro gives into his instincts and assimilates/transfurs Lin.
    • Captured- Puro is destroyed and Lin is forcibly changed and put under mind control by Doctor K.
    • Stay- Puro will soon perish without a host, although Lin will not spread the virus.
    • Leave- Lin soon succumbs to the virus, Puro will die without a host, and the virus might have still been released.
  • Blob Monster: Most of the Transfurs are like this, being sentient, animal-shaped masses of latex or other slimy materials, giving them a malleable property that allows them to assimilate potential hosts.
  • Book-Ends: The very first thing Lin can be transfured into is a gooey white wolf. At the True Ending, Lin once again is transfured into a white wolf, only this time it's natural fur, and he changed of his own volition.
    • The game begins in the lab during sunset. It ends outside the lab at sunrise.
  • Foreshadowing: At an early point in the game, Lin inexplicably faints and blacks out for a while. New players might just simply think of it as fainting from stress after having to escape numerous Transfurs and traps. After the revelation of the virus and the implications of the "I Choose to Leave" ending, this event gains a brand new meaning.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Early in the game, Lin encounters a giant masked dragon that seems to lead the black latex Transfurs. After showing his determination to survive and escape as himself, the large dragon seems to silently acknowledge his resolve and allows him to leave. In addition, the rest of the black latex no longer hunt him even as he walks in plain sight down a hall filled with them. When he suddenly faints, he wakes up in a new room safe and sound, with the implication that it was the black latex Transfurs that carried him to safety. later in the game, Puro senses a territory of both white and black latex near the exit. Although he worries he might have to fight his own kind, no actual black latex show up in their area, implying the giant dragon ordered all black latex to leave Lin be.
  • Multiple Endings: The game has a the total of 5 different endings that depend on actions taking up to the climax of the game and what choice you make at the end.
    • Betrayal: If your relationship with Puro is low, after reaching a certain room, Puro will give up hope of escaping the building alive, as without a host, he doesn't have long to live, and doubts Lin can survive with the world outside devastated. Hoping to spare Lin and himself from dying ignoble and lonely deaths, he opts to "transfur" Lin personally, trapping him in a hallway with no escape. If played on Easy mode, Puro fully assimilates Lin into himself. On Normal difficulty, he instead turns Lin into a blue-eyed version of himself while still maintaining his identity.
    • Captured: If you make it past the previously-mentioned point above, but fail to improve your relationship with Puro more, Doctor K will end up destroying Puro, leaving him as just a puddle of black goo with a broken mask. Devastated by his death, Lin attempts to attack Doctor K with a pair of shears, but is quickly subdued. He is then forcefully "transfurred" into a white wolf and hypnotized with drug injections to make him obedient so that he won't spread the virus to the outside world. Doctor K mentions that a crystal formed from Puro's broken mask, implying he might reform, but without his memories of Lin.
    • I Choose to Stay: If Puro's relationship is high enough, instead of being destroyed, Puro will subdue Doctor K, giving both him and Lin a chance to escape. As they finally reach the exit of the laboratory, Doctor K reappears and desperately pleads for Lin not to leave, offering him safety if he promises to not go outside. If Lin accepts, a hurt Puro respects his choice, but goes on his own to the outside world for whatever little time he has left. The game ends with Lin apologizing to Puro for his choice to put humanity first over their friendship.
    • I Choose to Leave: If Lin chooses to leave, Doctor K reluctantly allows both of them to leave, unable to do anything else to keep them from going. After a while of walking, Lin starts to feel both exhausted and sick, and the pair rest on a rock to look at the sunrise. As Lin falls asleep, Puro confides how he finally got the see the outside world, though his nature makes it hard to see static objects around him. Lin remains unresponsive to Puro's words as they watch the sunrise. The achievement earned from this ending implies that in the end Lin succumbed and perished from the virus he had been carrying.
    • Can't decide: A third hidden option that's presented during the final choice. If the choice is backed out of (via the esc key), Doctor K comes up with an alternate solution: have Lin undergo the same transfurmation process Doctor K himself went through, allowing his new form to be treated of the virus while allowing him to maintain his sense of self, though at the cost of his human form. After some thought, Lin agrees to the treatment, with Puro watching over him carefully. After the treatment is done, Lin has become a white wolf like Doctor K, while Puro has been given an "artificial host" to allow him to live longer. Free to go, the pair go to the same spot from the "I Choose to Leave" ending and watch the sunrise together, with a sense of renewed hope of living in the recovering world.
  • Nintendo Hard: With the cramped hallways and chases, it can be difficult to maneuver around enemies while pushing crates around to clear the way, on top of leading enemies into one area to rush by them. And with several sneaky traps lying in wait, it would be difficult to clear the game without suffering a "death" once.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Doctor K is willing to do anything to keep the virus from being re-introduced to the world, and when he suspects Lin of being a possible carrier, he'll resort to imprisonment or forceful transfurmation to keep him from leaving.
  • Yet Another Stupid Death: Nearly everything in the lab can result in a transformation, and only trail-and-error will inform you which objects are safe and which ones aren't. There's even a nasty enemy that disguises itself as a save point.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Puro, being a black latex, can only survive on his own while inside the lab building. Otherwise, like the other Transfurs, he needs a human host to extend his lifespan. In the Betrayal ending, he caves in to his desire to survive and forcibly makes Lin his host. In the Can't Decide ending, Doctor K instead provided an artificial host, allowing him to live without having to consume a human.
    • The "I Choose to Leave" ending, this is true for Lin as well as Puro. As Doctor K suspected, he was indeed carrying the virus that devastated the world inside of him, and by the ending, he finally perishes from it just hours after escaping from the building.


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