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Castle of Magic, also known as Magic Castle Story, is a Platform Game released on mobile devices and DSiWare in 2009.

Wizzy and his friend Jenny are playing on the beach one day when they happen to come across a buried treasure chest. Inside the chest, Wizzy finds a magical book that turns him into a wizard... but unleashes an evil wizard named Nefastax, who promptly kidnaps Jenny and traps Wizzy inside his magical castle. Now Wizzy must brave the many mystical worlds hidden within the castle to find his friend Jenny! All of which sounds fairly typical for a 2D platformer, especially one in the classical style.


Then you realize that the game is made by Gameloft, notorious for their gaming Mockbusters. Except that, instead of copying one specific game, Castle of Magic seems to be copying all of them.

In contrast to many of Gameloft's other works, Castle of Magic is more of an Affectionate Parody/Homage to the bright, colorful 2D platformers of the 90's than a riff on any one particular work. Although it contains many prominent notes from Super Mario Bros. and its family of games, it also has numerous Shout Outs and mechanical "borrowings" to and from other classic games, The resulting game plays like a mad mishmash of Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Solomans Key, and every other platformer under the sun. It's extremely Troperiffic overall.

Contrast Eternal Legacy, another Gameloft title that pulls from a more wide-range of titles.


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