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Video Game / Casio Mario World

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Casio Mario World is a Kaizo ROM hack of Super Mario World by Wyatt, featuring an elaborate all-new soundtrack consisting entirely of non-video-game music.

Download the hack here.

This hack consists of the following tropes:

  • Bonus Boss: Omega Fenell, accessed by entering a secret pipe in the tutorial level.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The level "Child Soldier". Only the sprites are not monochrome.
  • Final Boss: Pardoner Fennel from the Momodora series.
  • Nintendo Hard: This is to be expected of a Kaizo hack; but also considered one of the most difficult ever even by Kaizo standards, regularly taking the top kaizo players ~50-60 hours for their first clears. The Bonus Boss - Omega Fenell - had less then ten clears.
  • Platform Hell: It's a Kaizo hack, what do you expect?