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Caravanner (and it's sequel, Caravanner 2) is a Flash game set After the End.

It can be found here: [1].

Caravanner contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Lois. She leads a female warrior band against the Drekar, and is essential for helping you defeat them.

  • After the End: Like Fallout, both games are set after the end, but instead of Fallout's nuclear apocalypse, it involves the world being wiped out via global warming.

  • Crapsack World: The world has ended through global warming, the remaining people are forced back into tribalism, and the federation has a nuclear bomb.

  • An Entrepreneur Is You: Both games simulate an virtual economy, complete with supply and demand. Pretty impressive for a Flash game.

  • The Empire: The Federation in the Qubba area. Their sole purpose is to expand their empire, and they murder anyone who speaks out against them.

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  • Human Traffickers: The Drekar of Caravanner 2 sell slaves in their market. If you encounter them in battle, they will have slaves, which you can free or capture for yourself. You can also support them.

  • Mighty Whitey: Spencer Rice (unwillingly) spawned Spencerism when he taught the Kivi Tribe about agriculture. He is also the reason for their pacifism.

  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Kivi tribe in Caravanner 2. If you bring their hero back, you can get them to attack the tribe of slavers.

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