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Video Game / Build Your Own Net Dream
aka: BYOND

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BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream) is a free Game Engine / Game Maker for 2D tile-based multiplayer games. It was originally created to make MUDs, but eventually grew to include graphics. While it's not that popular on the broader internet, several individual games are.

Notable BYOND Games:

  • Mitadake High - A role-playing game with a Ten Little Murder Victims premise. It was popular enough to spawn its own webcomic, Mitadake Saga.
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  • RP Infinite (also known as RPI) - A text-based roleplay engine & successor to RP Unlimited.
  • RP Unlimited (also known as RPU) - A text-based roleplay engine, home to many anime and original roleplays.
  • Nestalgia - It's an RPG in the vein of Dragon Quest. One of the most popular games on BYOND.
  • Space Station 13 - Became so popular on the Something Awful forums that it was literally decompiled and pieced back together by a goon. There are three main versions now, /tg/station 13 Baystation, and the ever-nonsensical Goonstation.
    • Colonial Marines - A heavily modified Space Station 13 server based on the Alien franchise that is very distinct gameplay-wise from other servers.
  • Welcome To Utopia - A role-playing game based on the manga Shitsurakuen.
  • Rotting Aftermath - A game thats lesser known and is gaining a bit of popularity even though it has not been hosted on a server for about a year or so.
  • Sigrogana Legends 2 - A role-playing game with a fantasy setting. Made by the same creator of Mitadake High, it's been around for quite awhile, and even still updates.

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