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Bug Brain is a Programming Game where your goal is simple: Create the brains of bugs (and a worm). By that, we mean literally create the brains of bugs. With the use of neutral networks.

The game can be found here. Keep in mind, however, that you need the 32-bit version of Windows to install it due to its setup using a 16-bit executable to bootstrap itself.

Tropes that can be found within this game:

  • Difficulty Spike: Later stages have you directly controlling the current creature's muscles instead of just instructing it what to do.
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  • Excuse Plot: The game's plot goes like this: You're a scientist trying to construct bugs with synthetically created brains. The game itself is about creating neural networks to solve puzzles.
  • For Science!: The motivation behind the player character doing the tests. At one time, he even ignored the possibility of something going into his test area after he accidentally left it uncovered simply because the test must go on.note 
  • Have a Nice Death: Failing to reach an in-game condition during a test results in a brief animation explaining how you went wrong.
  • No Fair Cheating: Modifying the brain during a test will automatically cause it to fail, with the failure animation being you mustn't alter the brain during the test.

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