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Born Under the Rain is an RPG by Housekeeping. The game uses RPG Maker VX Ace as its engine, but has an entirely original soundtrack.

Masud was cursed to wear the Mask of Odion, which forced his soul into the body of the mummified Odion, and left his original body stuck in Odion's tomb. Now he travels to break his curse by finding and breaking Anuket's Tear.

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This game provides examples of:


  • Difficulty Levels: There are the Easy and Hard difficulties. There was Normal but it wasn't different enough from Hard, so was removed in Version 1.2.
  • Disappeared Dad: Rashida reveals that Masika's father abandoned her not long after she had been born.
  • Escape Rope: The Enchanted Snake Rope, which you use to return to town.
  • Flaming Skulls: Odion appears as a skull that's on fire.
  • Flavor Text: Most objects have some descriptive text, like the Jade Scarab's "Like skittery little Fabergé eggs. Some people like to collect these."
  • Healing Potion: A red potion named as such, "Fully heals an ally."
  • Mana Potion: A red potion named as such, "Fully restores an ally's MP."
  • The Namesake: Masika's name means "born under the rain".
  • Preexisting Encounters: They stand still and in your way, and look like flames.
  • Save-Game Limits: You can save anywhere, and you have 24 save slots.
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  • Standard RPG Items: There's Healing Potions, Mana Potions, a revival item, and an Escape Rope.
  • The Voiceless: Masud.


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