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Battle Dawn was created by Tactic Soft, and is reminiscent of the Command & Conquer games that used to be played back on the first original consoles. Completely browser based and persistant, this game can be played from anywhere, by anyone. But it has a twist unlike the others.

Battle Dawn has a few quirks to it. One is the fact that it has "ticks." Set by the admin of the server, the ticks are a form of timeline for the server. As players build their colonies and grow to power, their events page keeps track of all the things they have done, what they have accomplished, when they attacked or were attacked, etc.


Also, Battle Dawn has a unique way to win. Although if this is not accomplished the most powerful player wins, the "normal" case works like this: After a while, the administrator will place "Relics" into the server. These look like overly-advanced technology, and they spawn anywhere the administrator wants. If a single player, or an alliance, can capture and hold all ten Relics at once, then the era in that server immediately comes to an end, with the conquering alliance declared the victors.

Not to be confused with the Dawn Attack trope.


This game contains tropes such as:

  • Nuke 'em: Somehow, this must have become popular to players at some point, because Tacticsoft introduced nukes (Named Missles in Earth, Mars and Galaxy servers, Dragons in fantasy servers) These are produced via silos, and their power comes at a price. The outpost one must upgrade into a silo to even MAKE the missile to fire, requires 24 ticks worth of control. That means someone must have owned that outpost for 24 straight ticks before upgrading. To make it worse, while the outpost is arming (Which takes ANOTHER 24 ticks) A big, red box with white numbers on it shows up on any radar or scan that can see it, and when hovered over, is plainly labeled "Arming (Ticks until Missile is complete)" However, while they take a long time to ready, a missile will not only flat-out kill 10% of the units in the place it hits, every other unit in the place is lowered to 1 HP left. To make it's effects even worse, if it hits a colony, the missile will also kill 10% of the workers that colony owns, crippling the resources that the player will gain and reducing the chance of them fighting back later.
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  • Suprise Attack: Hey, you know the people sitting close-by in your alliance or another, looking completely harmless because they haven't been attacking anything? Be warned, they are likely just waiting for your colony to be unguarded while you attack.
  • Kill Sat: Upgrading to the maximum level of the radar tower gives you an Ion Cannon, which can be fired at colonies, attacking squads or nukes/dragons. Firing at colonies is the least effective, as it only drops 10 random units to 1 HP, while attacking squads with it will delay the squad by 1 tick and drop all units in the squads' HP to (if you fire at a group of squads, it only affects one random squad from the group.)

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