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Video Game / Barker Bill's Trick Shooting

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Here is the box art
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting: is a NES Zapper Light Gun game. Barker Bill and his lovely hostess, Trixie the Rabbit Woman and the Dog from Duck Hunt gives you a nice carnival mini-games.

The Mini-games includes:

  • Balloon Saloon - Shoot many balloons. Do not shoot the dog, Shooting the dog will lose your extra life
  • Flying Saucer - Shoot at the dishes tossed by Barker Bill and Trixie
  • Window Pain - Shoot at the objects
  • Fun Followies (with all of the the 3 games and 2 extra games exclusive to this mode)
    • Trixies Diamond - Shoot some diamonds from Trixie
    • Bill's Trhill - Shoot at items before it hits Barker Bill

Barker Bill's Trick Shooting provides example of:

  • The Cameo: Rats, It's that laughing dog from Duck Hunt
  • Game-Over Man: When you lose all your extra lives, The game is over. And Trixie the Rabbit Girl waves goodbye to you with the caption that reads "Thank you for playing Barker Bill's Trick Shooting! Sorry, pal. Your game is over! Come back and shoot again next time!"
  • Ms. Fanservice: Trixie, who is quite possibly the first Playboy Bunny character in a video game.
  • Light Gun Game: One of the NES games that uses the Zapper light gun.