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Bargon Attack is a third-person perspective adventure game released by Coktel Vision in 1992.

Bargon Attack is one of the less known adventures from Coktel Vision, though it was one of the first that introduced the unique interface that was used in many Coktel games that followed. It was also one of the first of Coktel's games to use FMV technology in cut-scenes.

The gameplay is a mix of science fiction, cyberpunk and comedy elements. It takes place in the near future when an alien race named Bargon conquered the Earth and enslaved its people. You take a role of the young programmer who decides to put an end to the cruel aliens. You'll travel through 20 or so locations. Each one consists of 1 to 3 screens, similar to other Coktel games.

Along your travels, you'll face dangerous creatures and some strange alien technology. There are some occasions when you can die (though the option to replay the level is always available), plus the game also features several arcade sequences.


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This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: There's no need to panic if Bob Sprite dies. You can just replay the level if that happens.
  • No Fourth Wall: The beginning of the game has everyone in Paris enjoying a new game titled Bargon Attack...until the aliens come alive, jump out of the computer monitors, and start eliminating people!
  • Reset Button: The Bargon will destroy the Earth. Luckily, Bob Sprite only has to use the Save Program to bring the Earth back to normal.


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