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Logo for (the colorized version of) the game.

Bad Toys is an FPS developed for Windows 3.1 by Czech brothers Pavel and Libor Valach in 1995, then re-released as a colorized version called Bad Toys 3D by Tibo Software in 1998.

The toy company Happy Toys is bought by Delta Military Systems to become Delta Toys. The following Christmas Day, a security guard for the company is charged with shooting his own daughter, but the security guard blames the toys for the murder. Shortly afterwards, Delta Military Systems loses all contact with the toy company. A SWAT team is sent in, but all members are reported missing in action. Subsequently, the Defence Council sends in their best man, the player character, to investigate.

Well, that's what the manual says, anyway.

The game was one of the first FPS's for Windows (during a time when most FPS's were developed for DOS). It is still available for purchase at Tibo Software's website.


Featureless Protagonist: According to the manual, you are the best man, and nothing more is said about the PC.

Living Toys: The premise of the game. You explore a toy factory while shooting (or beating) toys down.

Locked Door: In every level, you have to find keycards for locked doors to proceed.


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