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Video Game / B.O.B.

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B.O.B. is a Platform Game published in 1993 by Electronic Arts. It was originally developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Chris Gray Enterprises (aka Gray Matter) and ported to the Sega Genesis by Foley Hi-Tech Entertainment.

B.O.B. is a teenage android trying to make a blind date. Unfortunately, his car crashes on a weird planet full of hostile creatures. B.O.B. carries a gun arm that can carry up to six kinds of ammunition, and various kinds of remotes useful for getting through tricky spots.

No relation to the Sitcom Bob! the rapper B.O.B., or to the character from Monsters vs. Aliens.

This video game contains examples of:

  • Captain Crash: When B.O.B. finally scores a car to get him out of one planet, he shortly totals it and crashes on another world.
  • Double Jump: B.O.B. can jump in mid-air as many times as he uses trampoline remotes.
  • Every 10,000 Points: B.O.B. gets another life every 200,000 points.
  • Hat of Flight: The helicopter hat remote allows B.O.B. to fly.
  • Level Goal: Swirling orange teleporters are B.O.B.'s exit to the surface of the planet.
  • Parasol Parachute: Opening an umbrella remote makes B.O.B. fall more slowly.
  • Password Save: Six-digit passwords are given out every few levels.
  • Totally Radical: Well, not quite totally, even though B.O.B. does say "Totally!", "Yo!" and "Psych!"