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Azada is a series of games created by Big Fish Games (who made both Azada and Azada: Ancient Magic) and ERS Game Studios (who made Azada: In Libro and Azada: Elementa). The first two games have the player being sent to help a man named Titus free himself from an ancient book in order to stop an evil djinn. The ERS games are about Titus, guardian of Azada, asking the protagonist to save his world from destruction.

  • Azada: The protagonist is in a weird library, where they encounter a man named Titus. Titus is magically trapped inside of a book, and has been for some time, and requests the protagonist's assistance in freeing himself. Once he has been freed, Titus requests help in another case.
  • Azada: Ancient Magic: The protagonist needs to go into books of classic tales and help the characters inside. Moreover, Titus also warns the protagonist that some of the characters are not what they appear to be. The end of the game lead to a Sequel Hook and a To Be Continued message for a third game (Azada: Adventures) which never came to fruition.
  • Azada: In Libro: A different protagonist is summoned to Prague, to claim a legacy left to them by a distant relative. However, they find themselves falling into a trap door in the mansion where they meet up with Titus, who has chosen them to save Azada from total destruction.
  • Azada: Elementa: The final adventure takes place in New York City, where Titus's uncle, Panoptes, has somehow become a very rich CEO in the real world. The protagonist needs to travel into Azada and uncover how Panoptes has achieved his wealth, in order to free Azada from his tyranny once and for all.

This series provides examples of:'

  • Adaptational Badass: In the first two Azada games, Titus was a man trapped in an ancient book who later served as Mission Control. In the second two games, he's a Guardian of Azada.
  • All There in the Manual: In the Collector's Edition of Elementa, the player gains a book which gives descriptions for all the creatures they encounter. For bonus points, it also has descriptions for all the people and monsters shown in In Libro.
  • Alternate Universe: The ERS Azada games are different from the Big Fish Games ones in many ways. Most notably, the ERS games has Azada as the name of a magic world that runs parallel to Earth. In Elementa, In Libro is supposedly an Alternate Universe all its own, as the player turns on a television in the room which plays its opening cutscene.
  • Always Identical Twins: Argus and Panoptes in Elementa, where one is an Evil Twin.
  • And I Must Scream: Titus's fate in the original Azada, seeing that he's been stuck in a magic book for quite some time. Fortunately, there are no negative effects to his sanity.
  • Artifact Title: The first time the word Azada is uttered, it's used as a magic spell to free Titus.
  • Art Shift: The Azada games by Big Fish Games used 3d models whereas the ones by ERS Games Studios are hand drawn.
  • Ascended Extra: In the original Azada, Titus mentions his uncle Argus in the backstory involving the games. In Elementa, Argus is revealed to be the twin brother of the Big Bad Panoptes.
  • Big Applesauce: Where the player of Elementa resides.
  • Big Bad: Titus's uncle, Panoptes, in In Libro and Elementa
  • Big Good: Argus and Titus in contrast to Panoptes,.
  • Cain and Abel: Panoptes being the Cain to Argus's Abel.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • In In Libro, the person who tells the player about the inheritance returns at the end of the game. It's really Titus in disguise!
    • There's also a weird one in Elementa. In Ancient Magic, Titus mentions his uncle Argus in regards to the magic books. Uncle Argus appears and has actually been helping the PC, but the PC doesn't know that because Argus and Panoptes look the same - they're identical twins.
  • The Chosen One: In In Libro and Elementa.
  • Cool Train: The protagonist of In Libro takes one to Prague. It's even shown in the game menu.
  • Creepy Crows: Evil hooded crows are among the opponents in Elementa.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: The beginning of Elementa has the player dreaming of landmarks in Azada and Titus stating that he was the chosen one.
  • Evil Twin: Panoptes is one to his brother Argus. Since they are identical twins, the player character is initially confused by some of Panoptes's actions until Argus reveals himself.
  • Evil Uncle: Panoptes to Titus.
  • Hidden Object Game: Elementa and In Libro, as they are produced by ERS, but Elementa even more-so. It's a Genre Shift from the first two, which were minigame-style logic puzzles.
  • Jackass Genie: The Big Bad in Ancient Magic.
  • Monster-Shaped Mountain: In the fourth game, a path leads up a hill shaped like a giant canine.
  • Motif: Titus is with paper and books, as he was stuck within an ancient book in the first game, uses paper to create a form that talks to you in In Libro and summons himself in Elementa through a whirlwind of paper.
  • Mr. Exposition: Titus holds this role in each game.
  • One-Word Title: "Azada" was initially the magic word to free Titus. In the ERS games, it turns into The Place, as the name of a magic world that runs parallel to Earth.
  • Paper Master: In In Libro, Titus's teleports feature clouds of fluttering paper-scraps coming together into a human shape.
  • The Place: The One-Word Title, "Azada". In the ERS games, becoming the name of a magic world that runs parallel to Earth.
  • Public Domain Stories: All the works of literature visited in Ancient Magic are Expies of classic literature, fairy tales, or nursery rhymes.
  • The Reveal: For Elementa, see Evil Twin.
  • Rule of Three:
    • In In Libro, Titus needs the character to find the three Guardians of Azada, who will give you three keys to help lock Azada away from Titus's uncle. The key is based on the word Azada (three syllables) and one of the keys is actually all three As.
    • In Elementa, the PC needs to free the three magicians who fuel Azada with the elements of fire, water and air by giving them their amulets... which have been split into three pieces each.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: In the original game, Titus is trapped in the magical book because he had inadvertently read the spell in the book.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The evil djinn in Ancient Magic was sealed away in a magical book by Argus until the genie broke the seal one day. It was so powerful that the library where the book was held was transported to another dimension only accessed by Titus and the player.
  • Scenery Porn: The artwork from the ERS games are breathtaking to look at.
  • Suddenly Voiced: The player mutters the words " I?" at the end of Azada: Ancient Magic.
  • To Be Continued: Used in the first two games.
  • Unicorn: One is caged in In Libro. It even has a rainbow mane!
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The beginning of In Libro has a man disguised as a butler activate a trap door to the mansion. He's never brought up again.
  • World-Healing Wave: The ending of the bonus chapter of In Libro has one curing all of the citizens and Elementa has three to help revive the three worlds.