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Just a girl and an avocado, hanging out and doing science in this crazy world.

"You and me, Avo... we're gonna save the world."

A 2019 Full Motion Interactive video game (or interactive television show, depending on your perspective) revolving around the adventures of the world's first and greatest crime-fighting time-travelling adventurous sentient avocado.

Avo, said avocado, is the lab assistant, best friend, confidante and test subject of Billie (Katy Reece) an enthusiastically eccentric young scientist who has, for reasons perhaps best known to herself, invented the Bring Fruit to Life (BFL) machine, of which Avo is the first (and so far only) successful result of. Convinced that she and Avo are going to change the world, Billie cheerfully devotes herself to constructing a wide range of improbable gadgets. But she is unaware that she and Avo are being monitored by a sinister corporate executive with his own plans for the BNL machine...


The script was written by Gemma Arrowsmith and Ryan North.

Contains examples of:

  • Adorkable: Billie is a cheerful, kind-hearted nerd with a fondness for terrible science-based dad jokes.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Aloysius Mallory, who plans on stealing the BNL machine and passing it off as his own.
  • No Social Skills: Billie is irrepressibly cheerful, but other than Avo she doesn't seem to have many other friends, and among her possessions is a book entitled Discussing the Weather: Small Talk for Brilliant People. Said book also has a post-it (presumably written by Billie) on the front irritably pointing out that, since weather is a stochastic system, there's no point in talking about it, suggesting that any lessons contained within failed to take. She's also a bit naive, and enthusiastically gushes about a meeting with someone who apparently has the exact supplies she needs for her latest project without stopping to consider that it might be a bit too convenient...
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  • Shout-Out: Billie plans to call her wireless power generator "Ms. Fusion".
  • Tempting Fate: In the first episode, Billie admits that the power is going to be switched off by the power company that night, but confidently predicts that they still have plenty of time before it actually happens. Guess what happens a second later.
  • The Voiceless: Avo can't actually speak, and so communicates through arm gestures.

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