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A few sensations seem to be trying to penetrate the fog in your woozy and incoherent mind. 'Cold' is the first. In fact, cold almost seems inadequate to describe this sensation. You are absurdly, unbelievably freezing. The second sensation is 'white'. Yet even as your unfocused eyes register that you are surrounded by white, this doesn't strike you as odd. You feel that you are used to white surroundings and have indeed been among them for some time now.
It is the latter observation that nudges your mind, which is gradually regaining its functionality, back towards reality. You should be cold and surrounded by white because you have been in cryo on a spacecraft. The Aurora, to be precise, on its year-long flight for Gliese 581g.
You rub your eyes with the heel of your hand and mutter, "Gail's going to laugh at me. People in cryo look so peaceful, but...augh."

An Interactive Fiction by Jewelled Dragon (aka Katz) that follows Jake Bouchard, ship's physician of the intersidereal craft Aurora, as he awakens out of cryo to find that the ship is off course and the commanding officers unable to awaken. It's up to him to awaken the crew, get the vessel working, and figure out if it was accident or sabotage.

It's an unusual text-based game in that it has an ensemble cast that you can both interact with and play as. Often a task can only be completed by a specific crew member.


This work provides examples of:

  • As You Know: Lampshaded; if you read the official mission files, characters will complain that they knew all that already.
  • Not That Kind of Doctor: In addition to Jake, there are a couple of PhDs on the ship. They will not be amused if you try to get them to do medicine.

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