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Revolution has never been so adorable.
A good company has spread across the globe! Their loyal police forces are helping to maintain the greater good, despite their cracking down on any possible dissenters.

What are the upstanding members of society to do?

Why... riot, of course.

Anarcute is a riot simulator, with a top-down aesthetic where you control a mob of adorable animals out to break the world free from the grip of the Corrupt Corporate Executive behind it all. It's been described as a combination of Pikmin and Rampage, as your goal is to guide your swarm of Destructive Saviors throughout the various cities of the world, absolutely trashing every member of the Brainwash Patrol on the way while keeping your own losses as low as possible.

Anarcute is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, and the Xbox One.

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Anarcute includes the following tropes:

  • Adorable Evil Minions: The Brainwash Patrol are group of chibi Gas Mask Mooks. They even have a Twitter account.
  • Animesque: All the characters have large heads and enormous eyes, making them all absolutely adorable.
  • Big Bad: The person ultimately responsible for the events of the game is in the rioters' ranks, masquerading as one of them to exploit their popularity.
  • Destructive Savior: As your mob grows, so does what they're capable of. A single rioter might only be able to pick up a sign to throw. A large mob can topple buildings, and in some cases, this is the only way to rescue more rioters.
  • Elite Mook: See those members of the Brainwash Patrol wearing all black? Be wary - they can take significantly more hits than regular members, and also have their own Shockwave Stomp that can inflict heavy losses to your riot.
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  • Limited Move Arsenal: As you complete levels, you earn coins that can be used to buy new powers. Unfortunately, the ones on the same tier can't be used at the same time, leaving you to choose carefully; for exampe, do you want an extra dash, or more powerful stomps?
  • Obviously Evil: The Brainwash Patrol wear body armor and have gas masks with giant red eyes. Their leader takes it even further by wearing a coat with a large fur collar... in addition to the gas mask.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Every one of your rioters is designed to be as cute as possible, even as they rampage throughout the setting.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Wolf, okay. Cat, okay. Owl, sure. Sea slug? That's unusual, to say the least, and it's not the only odd one in the group.
  • Shockwave Stomp: One of the powers your mob gains, and one of the more useful ones as it can clear alternate pathways, or knock back enemies as they charge up their attacks.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Several "optional" missions have you playing as one rioter who has to make their way through a map without any backup. It's certainly possible to fight your way through, but it's extremely risky as you'll die in one hit and defeating members of the Patrol tanks your mission ranking.

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