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Video Game / Amnesia (Yume Nikki)

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The Title Screen

A Yume Nikki fangame where you play as a ghost girl named Toritsuki and your goal is to try to piece together how and why she died and her past.

Can be downloaded here.

Not related to another horror game named Amnesia. Or the otome game series Amnesia.


  • All Just a Dream: Toritsuki will occasionally dream about being alive again. And she does come back to life if you get the good ending.
  • Back from the Dead: Toritsuki, if you get the good ending.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The teddy bear.
  • Driven to Suicide: In the bad ending, it is revealed that Toritsuki committed suicide via boxcutter.
  • Ghost Amnesia: What gives this game its title, as Toritsuki can't remember her past and how or why she died.
  • Ghostly Goals: From what can be said of the gameplay, Toritsuki wants to figure out why she died and what lead up to her death.
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  • Improvised Weapon: The box cutter effect.
  • Jump Scare: One where a chaser catches you from high-speed out of nowhere upon interacting with a certain door in a hospital-like area.
  • Vague Age: Although less vague than the others, as, from the few spotty details, we can gauge that Toristuki is most likely in her mid-late teens.