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Video Game / Almost Epic Adventures Neverlooted Dungeon

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Almost Epic Adventures: Neverlooted Dungeon

Almost Epic Adventures: Neverlooted Dungeon (TBD, Wild Mage Games) is an upcoming Dungeon Crawler with an emphasis on treacherous deadly traps, with a strong Immersive Sim design philosophy.

Venture into the depths of a mysterious dungeon full of treacherous traps, and find your own way to overcome its dangers. Will you be the first to loot the Neverlooted Dungeon?

The public Steam demo released during the Steam Game Festival Autumn 2020 showed great promises of open-ended problem solving and physics-based interactivity.


Almost Epic Adventures: Neverlooted Dungeon contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Immersive Sim: The demo shows that the game is clearly designed with an Immersive Sim philosophy, with open-ended problem solving and high interactivity. The player is encouraged to create its own solution to overcome the dangers. Traps and interactions are physics-based, you can trigger, block, break, and avoid traps of various ways.

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