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Allison Road is an unreleased horror-themed video game formerly in development by the British studio Lilith LTD. It was considered by some people to be a Spiritual Successor to the canceled Silent Hills project, as both Allison Road and P.T. (Silent Hills' playable teaser) seemed to share similar mechanics.

Set in a modest house somewhere in the United Kingdom, the player controls a nameless protagonist who wakes up with a splitting headache. As he explores his house, it gradually comes to pass that some sort of heinous crime has befallen the protagonist and his family, a crime whose details gradually become revealed as players solve puzzles and evade mutilated supernatural entities.


Upon the release of the game's teaser, which showed the first 15 minutes of gameplay, Allison Road was given a lot of praise for continuing the P.T. style of gameplay, for expanding it into a more complete experience, and for how detailed the environments were.

Just like its inspiration, however, Allison Road was formally cancelled on June 5, 2016. note 


This game provides examples of:

  • Jumpscare: Besides the actual entity at the end of the teaser, the kettle and toaster in the kitchen can be seen as this.note  Some people reported finding the toaster more frightening than the actual entity!
  • Product Placement: Sort of. As a way to make the game environment more convincing, many logos and brands familiar to people from the UK can be seen, including a box of Lemsip tablets,note  bottles of Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo, and a letter bearing the Metropolitan Police logo on its header.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: In the house's main corridor, an unseen object casts cage-like shadows over the wall. The person playing the game in the teaser never looks for what is causing the shadows.


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