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Alight is a freeware flash game (which you can play here), released by Twofold Secret in 2011. It stars Daniel, a young adult who takes a fancy in lucid dreaming. You control him in the midst of one dream he is having, in which he revisits fragments of many places from his past.

The story is largely told through a conversation he has with himself - this always begins the same way at the beginning of a level, but depending on which item you chose halfway through, he will wrap of that level's part of the monologue differently.


Actually titled "Alight (in dreams)" on Newgrounds, but on the in-game title screen the title is simply "Alight."

Alight contains examples of:

  • Foreshadowing: If you know The Reveal before playing, or manage to figure it out over the course of playing, there are tons of hints at the importance (both figurative and literal) of fire. In fact, the title "Alight" isn't just referring to weightlessness.
  • Multiple Endings: There are two endings in the game, one of which can only be accessed if you always choose (and successfully complete the level with) the "clock" item, on every single level. And even then, it's required you take a Leap of Faith from the final door you normally go through
  • Primary-Color Champion: Red shirt, blue pants.


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