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"The world we once knew is gone. All that remains is hate, bloodshed.. and war."

Age of Warscape is an indie fantasy MMORPG video game and series of stories created by ILMX Studios. It was first announced on June 21st, 2016, and a few text stories ("Age of Warscape: Origins") were published on Indie DB in early 2017. The video game itself is currently in development, though the game's developers remain to be frequently interactive with their community.

Ten races, divided into two different factions, have given up on diplomacy and peace between each other, and have engulfed their homeplanet, ''Planet Uloff'', in a genocidal war. The two factions, The Arbiters, lead by King Earnet, and the 2nd Legion, lead by Warlord Bjorin, have declared war upon the other and all allying races in the faction, which has lead to mass hatred, fear, destruction, and genocide. With a planet engulfed in hate, racism, discrimination, death, and destruction, the only way to save the world and its inhabiting species is to bring an end to the war.


The factional leaders later decide to call in a group of recruits to be vigorously trained, so that one individual in the group can be chosen as the commander of their faction's armies and the face of said faction: The Faction Champion. However, the threat of the factional war is not the only threat out there.. there is much, much worse that has yet to be seen...

Age of Warscape contains examples of:

  • Author Avatar: The game's developer group, ILMX Studios, appears as a Gnomish weapons manufacturer.
  • Big Bad: Lord Jesavich, otherwise known as “The Eternal Necromancer”, who plans to destroy all of time and reality just to free him from an endless life.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Half of the creatures in the lore tend to fit into this category.
  • Abusive Precursors: Haed'Vishnu, the God of Madness. Originally intended to preserve and protect the souls of Uloff, the God was slowly poisoned by hate and eventually began to take the souls of innocents, and use them to build his own kingdom, until we was later stopped by the God of Order, Ohm'Brahman.
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  • Arc Symbol: The logo of the game (as seen above), occasionally referred to as the "Ohmhaed". The developers have stated that the name isn’t canon.
  • Arc Words: "United, we fight. Fearless, we die."
  • Big "OMG!": A Jin'tulu warrior screams one on seeing multiple Gnome War Machines approaching him.
  • Darkness = Death:
    • At nighttime, enemies tend to be twice as strong. Plus, Shadowlings and Necromancers tend to try to kill the player, often unexpectedly.
    • The Black Cave is said to be more dangerous the further and deeper somebody goes into it. Chieftain Rhanakhed has mentioned that "people who go into that cave tend to be taken by those who dwell in the shadows".
  • Action Bomb: The Gnome race tends to do this in aircrafts. Kamikaze style.
  • Player Character: In the game, the Faction Champion is this.
  • Body Horror:
    • Lord Jesavich, when he takes possession of an individual. On most cases, he will twist and contort the body into his avatar. This includes using old organs from the body, and twisting them into limbs.
    • Haed'Vishnu's army, which are normal people, whose body parts were taken apart, and were all squished together to form some kind of abomination.
      • In fact, after Haed'Vishnu was banished to the Realm of Madness, his original body was twisted into a large, crustacean-like monster, including about six, long legs, and a tentacle, split open to create “fingers”, for a left arm. He also has numerous spikes that have protruded from inside his skin. None of this was by choice, and none of it was painless.
  • Bloody Horror:
    • The Umbristic State's torture and execution methods, which tend to be horribly extreme and gruesome.
    • The cult known as the Sorcerers of the Red Eye tends to cut their victim's hearts out, and burn their collected hearts in a large bonfire, all in the name of the Red Eye.
  • Event Flag: Enhanced. Almost everything the player does causes their entire storyline to be randomized, essentially making every playthrough unique.
  • Magnet Hands: Averted. The character can drop their held equipment if knocked down.
  • A Homeowner Is You: Players can buy their own houses and decorate it. Just because.
  • Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Slightly. While light magic users tend to wear lightly-armoured robes, dark magic users and necromancers almost always wear heavy armour.
  • Battle Theme Music: The music tends to change when the player is battling stronger enemies.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: High-Seer Dar'rog saves his entire city from an army of Herasothians from gassing the population, though nobody gives a crap.
  • Color-Coded Armies: The Arbiters tend to wear blue on their clothing, where the 2nd Legion wear red.
  • Fake Ultimate Mook: Most Mountain Trolls tend to be this. While huge and terrifying, they normally have very low health and are laughably slow.
  • Get on the Boat: One of the ways that the player traverses to other continents and islands.
  • Gladiator Subquest: The player can compete in a huge arena in PvP combat.
  • Abnormal Ammo: The Jaar race tends to mix their gunpowder with their enemies' blood. Just to add some extra zest.
  • The Unpronounceable: A lot of characters tend to have long, unpronounceable names. Aerith and Bob is also often seen here.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": A Gnome who is only referred to as "Meme Machine".
  • Interspecies Romance: Races occasionally romance with other, outside races. The player can romance their followers, who are often other races.
  • Fanservice: The Latlazerian race tends to fall under this. Yes, even the males.
  • Loser Protagonist: A young Orc named Kyun, who is a small, weak Orc and is constantly overshadowed by his powerful older brother.

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