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Video Game / Absorption

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Absorption is a Flash game created by Anton Beluzhenko, with music by Oleg Vorontcov. It is sponsored by Play it here.

A detective gets kidnapped by a Mad Scientist, who forces him to go through several puzzles to survive by using an absorption gun.


  • All Just a Dream: In the end it is revealed that the protagonist was dreaming it all. Dr. Neil Jason, however, probably exists (it is not known whether it is an official phantom image or just a drawing on the detective's table).
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  • Cyborg: Your enemies are humans that were "repaired" after failing the previous experiments (supposedly).
  • Speech Bubbles: All communication is delivered in speech bubbles during the intro and in-game.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Your enemies in the game are mindless cyborgs, due to Dr. Neil Jason's previous experiments (supposedly).
  • Whole Plot Reference: Absorption is clearly inspired by Portal, where GLaDOS = Dr. Neil Jason, Chell = the detective, Portal gun = Absorption gun, and Cute turret = Creepy cyborg turret.