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The Pretty Cure multiverse gives several of its characters (including every Non-Human Sidekick) one such catch phrase.

  • Futari wa Pretty Cure: Mipple ("-mipo"), Mepple ("-mepo"), Porun ("-popo"), and Lulun ("-lulu").
    • Shiho Kubota will sometimes repeat a phrase three times in rapid succession.
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash* Star: Flappi ("-lapi"), Choppi ("-chopi"), Mupu ("-mupu"), Fupu ("-pupu")
    • One of Saki and Mai's friends, Hitomi, injects "maji" (really/seriously) into most of her sentences, although the subs don't necessarily represent this. (Sorry.)
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Coco ("-coco"), Nuts ("-natsu"), Milk ("-miru"), Syrup ("-ropu") - and listing those added in the second season would take too much time.
    • Also, Rin ends some of her sentences with "nano" and Nozomi with "mon".
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    • Isohgin repeats most of Yadokhan's sentences and mostly end them with "-zo". However, it's an actual word.
  • Surprisingly averted in Fresh Pretty Cure! - Chiffon spoke babytalk until episode 13 and Tart speaks in the Kansai Regional Accent.
  • HeartCatch Pretty Cure!: Chypre and Coffret go the Suiseiseki route and end each sentence with "desu". Potpourri, being very young, ends each sentence with a slightly-off "-dechu" (or is it deshu?). Meanwhile, Coupe is The Voiceless and Cologne didn't have a tic at all.
    • Kumojaki speaks with a Tosa-dialect, which results in his use of "-jaki" and "-ze yo" to punctuate his statements.
  • Suite Pretty Cure ♪: Each of the Fairy Tones end each sentence in a solfège name (for example, Dori and Dodori use "-dodo"). Hummy also speaks often with the "-nyan" word that sometimes sounds like a verbal tic. In fact, she ends all the episode name with "nya".
  • Smile Pretty Cure!: Candy ends her sentences with "-kuru" (possibly a pun on "Decor"). On the other hand, her brother Pop uses "gozaru" since he sounds and acts like a samurai.
  • DokiDoki! Pretty Cure: Charle ("-sharu"), Raquel ("-keru"), Lance ("-de ransu"), Davi ("-dabi").
    • Tsubasa Momota usually ends his sentence with "-ssu".
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  • HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!: Ribbon ("-desu wa") and Glasan ("-ze")note .
  • Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Puff ("-pafu") and Aroma ("-roma").
    • Shut has "-nomi". Some subtitles make it so that he uses "naught" in most of his sentences. Some subtitles make Lock end most of his sentences with "'kay."
  • Maho Girls Pretty Cure!: Mofurun ("-mofu") and Shakince ("~teki"). Haa-chan's is her own name, and even as Kotoha, she still is prone to go "Haa" in a high-pitched voice when something excites her.
  • Kirakira Precure A La Mode: Kirarin ("~kira"), Pekorin ("~peko"), Chourou ("~jaba"), Pikario ("~pika").
  • HuGtto! Pretty Cure: Emiru ends most of her sentences with "~nano desu" while Papple liberally uses the word "ぶっ飛び"/"buttobi" (roughly 'with a huge blast') to describe things.
  • Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure: Prunce ("~purunsu"), Fuwa ("~fuwa"), Lala ("~lun”), and Yuni ("~nyan").
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  • Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure: Rabirin ("~rabi"), Pegitan ("~pe"), and Nyatoran ("~nya").
  • Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure: Kururun can only say their own name.

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