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Useful Notes / ZX81

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A home computer produced by Sinclair, released in March 1981. It's the epitome of that year's computer Minimalism, with many of its components designed to be as simple and cheap to make as possible. It was based on the even more rudimentary (for one thing, it was not able to display anything whilst a key was being pressed) ZX80 and succeeded by the still simplistic but highly popular ZX Spectrum. Nevertheless, it still managed to sell more than a million units and there are unofficial games developed for it to this day (though there aren't that many compared to its colorful successor).


  • Zilog Z80 CPU, 3.25 MHz
  • 1 KB RAM, expandable up to 64 KB
  • 24 lines x 32 characters or 64x48 pixels graphics mode
  • Monochrome
  • Soundless