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Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon (1 November 1782 – 28 January 1859) better known by the title The 1st Viscount Goderich, was a British statesman and Prime Minister.

Robinson entered Parliament in 1806 and served in several minor roles in the administration of Lord Liverpool, from which position he sponsored the Corn Laws of 1815, one of the most controversial pieces of legislation of the era. He then became Chancellor of the Exchequer where he gained several sarcastic nicknames during the turbulent economic period including "Prosperity Robinson" and "Goody Goderich".


In 1827 he was raised to the Peerage as Viscount Goderich. He served as Secretary of State for War and the Colonies and Leader of the House of Lords in the government of George Canning, until Canning died less than four months in.

Goderich took over but the coalition of moderate Tories was weak and fell apart before the MPs got back from their summer break. Goderich found leading difficult and many MPs had to step in to make the choices. When he resigned to King George IV he burst into tears and the King had to lend Goderich a handkerchief (it was also reported that he was overjoyed at the relief from work stress.) Goderich was succeeded by The Duke of Wellington.

In 1830 he swapped parties and joined The Earl Grey's cabinet and later swapped again and served under Sir Robert Peel's second government, making a much better minister than prime minister.



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