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Useful Notes / View-Master Interactive Vision

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The View-Master Interactive Vision is a video game console that uses VHS and Betamax tapes to play Interactive Movies. It was released by View-Master (best known their toy stereoscopes and reels) in 1989, and didn't last long at all; Tyco had just bought out VM around the same time and decided to discontinue the product after a few months due to poor sales.

Only seven games were released for the system, all featuring Sesame Street, Muppets and Disney characters.


  • Sesame Street: Let's Learn and Play Together
  • Sesame Street: Magic on Sesame Street
  • Sesame Street: Let's Play School
  • Sesame Street: Oscar's Letter Party
  • The Muppet Show: Muppet Madness
  • The Muppet Show: You're the Director
  • Disney Cartoon Arcade