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The Grand Slam of American Show Business

Chrissy Teigen: [John Legend]'s probably at home, polishing his EGOT.
Zach Galifianakis: ...Is that what he calls his penis?

In the United States, the four most important entertainment awards are the Emmy Awards for television,note  the Grammy Awards for music, the Academy Awards or Oscars for film, and the Tony Awards for theater. People that have won at least one competitive (non-honorary) award at all four ceremonies are called EGOTs. The term was coined by actor Philip Michael Thomas in The '80s, at the height of his celebrity from Miami Vice. He was never nominated for any of these four awards. Lynn Redgrave is the only person in history to be nominated for all four awards and never win any of them.

As there are four distinct awards, completing the EGOT is also called a "grand slam". On a historiographical note: many older lists of EGOT winners will credit Helen Hayes as the first EGOT recipient, as her 1977 grand slam was recent and high-profile enough to be remembered in The '80s, when the term first became popular. It was subsequently discovered (long after his death) that Richard Rodgers was the first to complete an EGOT, long before anybody knew or cared what that was.

If a performer has won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony, all in the field of acting, they are said to have won the Triple Crown of Acting. Since we have a category of near-misses (3 out of 4 category winners) below, we will also note all Triple Crown winners.

4 competitive awards (grand slam):

The year in parentheses is when the grand slam was completed; the first time each recipient won their fourth award.
  • Mel Brooksnote  (2001)
  • Viola Davis note  (2023) (Triple Crown winner)
  • John Gielgudnote  (1991) (oldest EGOT winner at age 87, first LGBT winner, and first non-American)
  • Whoopi Goldbergnote  (2002) (first African-American EGOT; Daytime Emmy winner)
  • Marvin Hamlischnote  (1995) (Pulitzer Prize winner)
  • Helen Hayesnote  (1977) (longest timespan in winning all 4 awards—45 years; second-ever and first female EGOT; Triple Crown winner, all for lead roles)
  • Audrey Hepburnnote  (1994) (Emmy and Grammy awarded posthumously, making her the first posthumous EGOT; first EGOT to receive only one award at all four ceremonies)
  • Jennifer Hudsonnote  (2022)
  • John Legendnote  (2018) (first black man to earn EGOT status, first to achieve the awards in four consecutive years, and first winner to be primarily a musician)
  • Andrew Lloyd Webbernote  (2018)
  • Robert Lopeznote  (2014) (first Asian EGOT; Daytime and Primetime Emmy winner; shortest timespan in winning all 4 awards by a person—9 years, 8 months; youngest EGOT winner at age 39; first person to win multiples of each award and thus the first-ever double EGOT)
  • Alan Menkennote  (2020) (most prolific winner, at 22 total awards received as of 2020; Daytime Emmy Winner; also a Razzie "winner",note  making him the only competitive "REGOT" winner as The New York Times' Dave Itzkoff and Wikipedia calls it)
  • Rita Morenonote  (1978) (first Hispanic EGOT; Triple Crown winner, all for supporting roles; Peabody Award winner)
  • Mike Nicholsnote  (2001) (Peabody Award winner)
  • Tim Rice note  (2018)
  • Richard Rodgersnote  (1962) (first-ever EGOT; Pulitzer Prize winner)
  • Scott Rudinnote  (2012) (winner of the most of any one award among the EGOT winners—15 Tonys)
  • Jonathan Tunicknote  (1997)

3 out of 4 competitive awards (near-misses):

For extra fun, * marks creators who have been nominated for the missing award.



Appearances in Fiction

Films — Live Action

  • When Zach interviews Chrissy Teigen on Between Two Ferns: The Movie, she mentions that her husband John Legend is probably "at home, polishing his EGOTs".
    Zach: Is that what he calls his penis?
  • Tár: Classical music luminary Lydia Tár is mentioned in the opening list of her accomplishments to be an EGOT.

Live-Action TV

  • 30 Rock gives Tracy a storyline where he attempts to complete the EGOT and seeks out Whoopi Goldberg for advice (and attempts to steal one of her trophies). When Tracy tries to nitpick that Goldberg received a Daytime Emmy, she retorts that an Emmy is an Emmy, regardless of what typenote . He definitively wins an Oscar, with the fate of his quest ultimately left unknown.
  • Sherman's Showcase has John Legend brag about his EGOT status and sees Common (who, in real life, is missing a Tony) try to be one by writing a Stylistic Suck musical.

Web Video

Western Animation

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