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Left to right: Linda Thorson (Tara King), Diana Rigg (Emma Peel), Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale) and Patrick Macnee (John Steed). Not pictured: Ian Hendry (David Keel).

A list of some actors and actresses who appeared in the 1960s British series The Avengers and associated media.

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TV Series

    The Avengers (1961-1969) 

Appeared in The Avengers:

Main Cast

  • Honor Blackman: Dr. Catherine "Cathy" Gale (1962-1964).
  • Ian Hendry: Dr. David Keel (1961).
    • Irwin Gunner in the New Avengers episode "To Catch a Rat".
  • Patrick Macnee: John Steed (1961-1977).
    • Invisible Jones (voice) in the 1998 film.
  • Diana Rigg: Emma Peel (1964-1968).
  • Linda Thorson: Tara King (1968-1969).

Guest Actors

  • Anthony Ainley: Edward Sunley in "Noon-Doomsday".
  • Steven Berkoff: Sager in "The Gravediggers".
  • BRIAN BLESSED: Mark Dayton in "The Superlative Seven".
  • Warren Clarke: Trump in "Invasion of the Earthmen".
  • John Cleese: Marcus Rugman in "Look – (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers..."
  • Carol Cleveland: Sara in "A Touch of Brimstone".
  • Nicholas Courtney: Captain Legros in "Propellant 23" and Gifford in "Mission... Highly Improbable".
  • Bernard Cribbins: Arkwright in "The Girl from Auntie".
    • Bradley Marler in "Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers..."
  • Peter Cushing: Paul Beresford in "Return of the Cybernauts".
    • Von Claus in the New Avengers episode "The Eagle's Nest".
  • Roger Delgado: Vasco in "Crescent Moon".
    • Kreer in "Stay Tuned".
  • Paul Eddington: Richard Marling in "Immortal Clay".
    • Beaumont in "Something Nasty in the Nursery".
  • Edward Fox: Chilcott in "My Wildest Dream".
  • Eunice Gayson: Lucille Banks in "Quick-Quick Slow Death".
  • Julian Glover: Vogel in "Two's a Crowd".
    • Masgard in "The Living Dead".
    • Peter Rooke in "Split!".
    • Rupert in "Pandora".
  • Michael Gough: Dr. Clement Armstrong in "The Cybernauts".
    • Nutski in "The Correct Way to Kill".
  • John Hollis: Markel in "Warlock".
    • Sensai in "The Cybernauts".
    • Kanwitch in "The Superlative Seven".
    • Zoltan in "Legacy of Death".
  • Freddie Jones: Basil/John Steed in Basil's body in "Who's Who???"
  • John Laurie: Sir James in "Death of a Great Dane".
    • Jasper Lakin in "Brief for Murder".
    • Crewe in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station".
    • Juniper in "Pandora".
  • Christopher Lee: Professor Frank N. Stone and his Duplicate in "Never, Never Say Die".
    • Colonel Mannering in "The Interrogators".
  • Lois Maxwell: Sister Johnson in "The Little Wonders".
  • Ron Moody: Hopkirk in "Honey for the Prince".
    • Jordan in "The Bird Who Knew Too Much".
  • Jon Pertwee: Brigadier Whitehead in "From Venus with Love".
  • Charlotte Rampling: Hana Wilde in "The Superlative Seven".
  • Patrick Stewart: Man walking in from the sea in "The Town of No Return".
  • Donald Sutherland: Jessel in "The Superlative Seven".
  • John Thaw: Captain Trench in "Esprit De Corps".
  • Peter Vaughan: Dr. A. Jaeger in "My Wildest Dream".
  • Peter Wyngarde: John Cartney in "A Touch of Brimstone"
    • Stewart Kirby in "Epic".

    The New Avengers 

Appeared in The New Avengers (1976-1977):

Main Cast

Guest Actors



    The Avengers (1998) 

Appeared in The Avengers (1998):

Audio Dramas

    The Avengers: The Lost Episodes 

Appeared in The Avengers: The Lost Episodes (Big Finish, 2014):


Foreigns Dubs

    European French 
  • Roger Carel: Sir Horace in the episode "The Gravediggers".


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