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The Seychelles archipelago is a tiny East African country located in the Western Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa and just to the northeast of Madagascar. It is simultaneously the smallest and the least populous of all African countries.

Like Mauritius and Réunion, the archipelago is practically uninhibited before the Early Modern Period, i.e. the 16th-19th century (and yet the nearby Madagascar and the Comorian archipelago already had advanced civilizations at that time, in the case of Madagascar, from another part of the world. Humans are such curious beings...). Because of the very late settlement (the 1700s), however, Seychelles is more successful to keep most of its primitive flora and fauna than the twin islands (and their unfortunate dodos).

For a while it was a French colony along with Mauritius (they were administrated as one entity), but when the British took the islands in the Treaty of Paris, they turned the archipelago and Mauritius into separate colonies.

The Seychelles were declared independent in 1976 as a republic within the Commonwealth. However, almost a year later a coup deposed the President and the Prime Minister assumed full power, turning the country into a one-party state and a Soviet satellite until The Great Politics Mess-Up. As of 2013, it has the highest Human Development Index in Africa.


Being settled very late and with no indigenous population to speak of, the country is a definite melting pot and you can find a mixture of African, French, British, Indian, and Chinese cultures here, though the country is almost entirely Christian (whereas Mauritius is probably the most Hindu country outside of the Indian subcontinent). The official languages of the country are English, French, and a French-based creole. The latter is the main language for over 90% of the population.

The main attractions of the country are the Scenery Porn and the biodiversity (several unique, endemic species of flora and fauna). However, while visiting, you should be wary of the rather high crime rate in the country.

The Seychellois flag
The flag combines the red/white/green colors of the socialist People's Party, which ran the islands from 1977 to 1991, with the blue/white of the Democratic Party, which briefly ran Seychelles in 1976, and the green/yellow of the liberal National Party, and their diagonal orientation symbolizes the islands' progressive outlook. The individual colors also have their own symbolism — blue for the sky and the Indian Ocean; yellow for the sun; red for the people; white for justice; and green for the land.

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