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Useful Notes / Seiun Award

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The Japanese equivalent of the Hugo Award (though, ironically, "seiun" means "nebula"), the Seiun Award is an award for the best Science Fiction published in Japan in the previous year, as voted on by fans who attend the Japan Science Fiction Convention. Named after the first professional science fiction magazine in Japan, they have been run since 1970.

Works with a Seiun nomination that have pages on this wiki include:

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    Anime (Best Media) 

    Comic Books (Best Comic) 

    Films — Animated (Best Media) 

    Films — Live-Action (Best Media) 

    Literature — Japanese (Best Japanese Long Story, unless noted) 

    Literature — Non-Japanese (Best Translated Long Story, unless noted) 

    Live-Action TV (Best Media) 

    Manga (Best Comic) 

    Video Games (Best Media) 

    Free Genre 

    Special Award