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Useful Notes / Saturday Night Live Media Actors

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A list of comedians and actors who have appeared in Saturday Night Live and related media.

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Main Show

    Cast Members 

    Five-Time Member Hosts 

    Other Hosts 

    Musical Guests 

    Other Guests 


    The Blues Brothers 

Appeared in The Blues Brothers (1980):

    Wayne's World 

Appeared in Wayne's World (1992):


Appeared in Coneheads (1993):

    Wayne's World 2 

Appeared in Wayne's World 2 (1993):

    It's Pat 

Appeared in It's Pat! (1994):

    Stuart Saves His Family 

Appeared in Stuart Saves His Family (1995):

    A Night at the Roxbury 

Appeared in A Night at the Roxbury (1998):


Appeared in Superstar (1999):

    The Ladies Man 

Appeared in The Ladies Man (2000):


Appeared in MacGruber (2010):

Foreign Dubs

    European French