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Oakland is a city on the East Bay section of the San Francisco Bay in California.

Oakland is often described as "The City Across the Bay," "the Town," and various other names comparing it as to be basically San Francisco's younger brother. Oakland is most well-known for being the home of Major League Baseball's Athleticsnote , high crime rate, and for being the ending-point of the Transcontinental Railroad.

The population currently stands at 420,000, making Oakland the 45th-largest city in America. It is a major West Coast port, in fact one of the five most important ports in the country.

Media set in Oakland


  • The opening and closing scenes of Black Panther take place in Oakland, in reference to the political party of the same name that was founded there (and the fact that it's director Ryan Coogler's hometown).
  • Moneyball is about the Oakland A's and their efforts to remain competitive with a fraction of the budget that their better-funded competitors have.
  • Sorry to Bother You entirely takes place here.
  • Blindspotting is also entirely set here, complete with slang and the commentary on the city's rapidly increasing rate of gentrification, with the leads/writers hailing from the city.

Live-Action TV

  • The later seasons of Sons of Anarchy are often set in Oakland away from the eponymous motorcycle gang's homebase of Charming (a fictional town located 50 miles from Oakland).


  • "iii. Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" by Childish Gambino is about The Boy, the main character of because the internet, driving from Los Angeles to Oakland to visit his ex-girlfriend while the fictional song "Oakland" plays on the radio.

Video Games

  • Watch_Dogs 2 features Oakland as part of its Bay Area setting, where it is also the hometown of the game's protagonist.

Web Original